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Bollywood Story™

The giant swedish Netent to apart of the competition has wanted this time to s urprise us with the theme of Bollywood with a slot machine in 3D of 5 reels and 9 lines of payment: Bollywood Story™.

We dives in an history of love very complicated and melodramatic, as they are all In this kind, and this game of money of Netent was not to be the least.

The problem is always the same: social class differences which make difficult almost impossible the relationship between the two in love.

The young man is so poor that he is not not authorized to marry the beautiful young girl and in the slot machine Bollywood Story™, the parents of the lady are there to try by all the means to arrive to their end.

But the young man do not loses the hope and so try with the help of player de get rich and could access to this famous authorization.

This is exactly as in the cinema Bollywood that represents to each time these stories of love melodramatic: all there is described, the impossible, the traditions, the joy, the hapiness, but also the anguish, the sadness, and the real problems of India.

The film industry in India wants to show the world like it is, a country in way of development as the other but that his evolution has been slower.

This is a country filled of contrasts, living and full of joy but also a people which between a 10 and a 25% suffers malnutrition, which has lived the independence, the wars, the revolutions…

This is for that, that in the movies of Bollywood the producers try always to show this contrast between festive music love and of another side violence sentences suffering…

The music is very important also and in the slot machine In 3D BollywoodStory™ this is very managed, the beautiful oriental sounds that make us really wanna play.

The symbols the most pay of game Bollywood Story™ are the words Bollywwod Story, our lady his claiming, and the parents of the young girl.

The first, we would a displays, with the words Bollywood Story™ that result with of golden decorations the greatest Indian style, this is this symbol that we bring the most.

The second, it is of the beautiful young girl who has a smile bright dressed pink bright color, a sailing covering the head and we can see of diamonds from her ears and its front.

Then we have the father of the young girl a man that did not the air to want to laugh, with his huge moustache and its eyebrows frowning! Ca do will not be easy to convince!

This is the time for the mother, with its haughty air and its look cold she we challenges us to do not help our young man, she wants only get richer, a little more for the barrier to still be bigger.

The other symbols are those of a game of cards in colors pastels and in relief this is not that they are very paying but they can when same help our protagonist to recover his good looking beloved.

See the features de Bollywood Story™ that will help him!


It is true that this 3D slot is not rich in features but we will describe them. They are the number of two: the Floating Wild and the Free Spins.

The symbol Wild (the word written in gradient yellow, orange and pink) can substitute to all the symbols to the exception of symbol Scatter (a blue sapphire).

The Floating Wilds trimmed of flowers appear and cover the least two symbols randomly in Bollywood Story™ and the transform in Wilds.

For each spin in the main game and also in the Free Spins the Floating Wilds, as of crowns of flowers that is lying on the regular symbols and the transform in Wild.

Then these crowns of flowers that result and are in movement permanent vanish and reappear the following spin.

In the main game It there’s between 2 and 4 Floatings that arrive the chance in each spin. For the Free Spins it three to six. Floating Wilds that will appear the chance in each spin.

But also, yes, 3 more symbols Scatter (the blue diamond) could be anywhere on the reels of the main game and free spins and as well activate the feature of Free Spins in the slot machine Bollywood Story™. It need to know also that additional free spins can be earned in the feature of Free Spins.

Opinion of the editor


The video slot machine in 3D Bollywood Story™ of the giant Swedish Netent, out put on the 14th of May of 2018, remains at true say a little dummy the level of features offered. She has 5 reels and 9 lines of payment and a back of 96.1%, which is not frankly the top, But nevertheless she allows to bet from 0.09 pound to a maximum of 90 pounds we said also that we can win up to 90,000 coins!

What gives a range enough wide for all type de players. We note also the absence of progressive jackpot, not any winning multiplier and so a certain simplicity of this machine even if it is compatible with all the devices mobile. I gives a good point to the soundtrack that is really hanging with its beautiful oriental sounds that we encourages us to play. What for do not try it, what did you have to lose?

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