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Bloodlore Vampire Clan™

Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ is an online money game that has just relocated as of October the 15th of 2016 in the toy library of slots of the NextGen brand Gaming.

Without being created fortuitously, the title of this slot machine already tells us about what will potentially unfold in his gameplay. The terms of vampire and clan let us understand without too much difficulty that the threat will be big against an army of bloodthirsty vampires human.

It will be necessary to find allies in the game in order to preserve its chances of survival even if the latter are pronounced to be very thin see no-existent. During the first few seconds of connection, the game immerses its audience in an oppressive atmosphere that does not contemplate anything good. The interface of this mobile game is implanted in the midst of a dwelling that seems to be a remote manor of the population and a dreadful nest of vampires.

The hall has a black and white checkerboard flooring. Solid stone pillars are implanted here and there in occupying the whole area of this great and dark room. These buttresses support several vaults firmly welded together, giving the roof of this building a unique architecture. The brightness is very low and it is only emitted from bursting flames of torches attached to these same posts.

Is a chilling and obscure place where one feels constantly seen from afar as ready by creatures coming straight from the underworld. A profound sense of uncertainty about the future that is struggling to fade and seems to want to stay that way throughout the game.

Looking for a little more ready to the contents of the 5 reels of the slot Bloodlore Vampire Clan™, we can clearly see there illustrations that have the trump to serve as clues in order to understand where we put the feet.

There is therefore as of items The portrait of a raven perched on a branch of tree without a leaf that croaking before the full moon. Werewolves are not discarded from the Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ scene by having an uncontrolled rage against any other life form. The mouth wide open, they will only have the will to devour violently all that they find in their way. These rabid creatures will leave no room for pity and will by definition be an unnamed ferocity towards their prey.

There will also be an army of vampires as well as a ghoul who must be undoubtedly the leader of this band of young human blood suckers. This feminine creature came straight from the horror stories that one loves above all else and that at once we deliciously ice blood will play a great role in the multiple episodes of the Bloodlore Vampire Clan™.

Other than enumerating these three icons of the Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ slot machine, other so-called secondary symbols will bring their help to deliver token packs. In addition, there will be a point weapon that visibly comes from a few centuries back, a strange cylinder-shaped object that seems to contain an equally bizarre liquid, etc.

Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ is so a pretty scary place where the danger seems to be ubiquitous. Therefore and in the context of this mobile game it is good to measure each of these actions before undertaking anything at the risk of leaving feathers.

Speaking of initiatives, you should know that this NextGen Gaming slot machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines. A free virtual slot that leaves the choice to make active between 1 and 20 of its lines. In addition to being able to manually activate the 20 lines of Bloodlore Vampire Clan™, from 1 to 20, this one-armed bandit offers the opportunity to select a denomination value. Indices ranging between £0.01 and £25.00.

In the end, the game of money Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ leaves the choice to put into play money available between £0.01 and £500.00. A hell of a range of bets that will most certainly suit to a maximum of players. Provided that they like to thwart coils having the taste to display horrifying scenes smeared with Blood.



Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ is a slot machine that offers a first featuring governed by a simple wild. A joker that will be able to appear on the screen several times when a spin is completed. This is already a nice advantage because that says to show up several times in a row predicted by logic the reinforcement of the probabilities significantly to obtain prizes and on the other side to take advantage of packs of tokens.

Yes it is exactly this because by bringing together 2, 3, 4 or 5 times This simple wild which is represented by a ghoul not frankly convenient, the Joker icon of Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ will arrange to distribute in the stride and respective way 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 coins!

Lots that are far from being stingy by weight taking into account that the gains generated by the simple wilds of this vampire female will be doubled at all shots! A feature that acts as an option to override symbols.

The feature of the wild will benefit from its power which no longer has any secrets for anyone to help the players to get profits much more easily. The only obstacle the wild ghoul will encounter is the item that will be responsible for representing the free games or the scatter. Facing this raven perched on a dead tree branch and measuring himself to the full moon, the wild will have no substitution impact towards him.


Let’s not waste time describing point by point the principle of operation of this second feature of the game of chance Mobile Bloodlore Vampire Clan™. This option is summed up in scatter boxes that are primarily intended to put into service free spins.

In the gameplay of the Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ money game, players will have the probability of being able to activate up to 20 free spins that we can also name with the English language free spinning. By getting 3, 4 or 5 times this item scatters anywhere on the 5 reels of the slot machine Bloodlore Vampire Clan™, the latter will release respectively 12, 16 or 20 Free Spins!

During the time of this free spin sequence where the threat will be in every nook and cranny of the slot machine, the set of prizes collected shall benefit from a multiplication coefficient of x6! As with the simple Wilds illustrated by the Ghoul, the scatters will have the power to offer token packs. Certainly less generous than the substitution feature but this is always much better than nothing at all. By managing to collect 1, 2, 3 or 4 Raven scatters, these will distribute respectively 2, 5, 15 or 100 coins.



The money game Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ remains a title that has a theme Catchy even if there is a great chance that he will not be able to attract a large audience when we know its origin. A game infested with bloodthirsty creatures and werewolves can not please all the world.

This is not my case because I love to spend time in front of game interfaces that have all the elements to create uncertain atmospheres where the danger can be present at any time of the game. The triggering of features that allows the gameplay of the game to strengthen its mysterious side and that can sometimes lead to great jumps as the waves of suspense are growing as the progress of the game.

Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ is a slot machine that holds these qualities to offer a drowned atmosphere in the dark with features that take advantage of their birth to increase these spikes of adrenaline while gradually soothing them with unexpected and often considerable gains. I grant, the features of the online game Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ are not in large numbers but this does not prevent in any place to get the full pockets.

Take for example for reference in the matter the episode of the free games that with a little luck have a high probability to make a carton every time we go to visit them. Earnings multipliers literally fill this ambient vacuum with features in the Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ gameplay to allow players to experience unforgettable game moments with fast and large payouts. For further information, the theoretical redistribution rate for players is 95.43%.

Therefore, the low weight of options to play is pretty quickly forgotten. The animations are multiple featuring various protagonists of the mobile game of Bloodlore Vampire Clan™ including for example the Ghoul thirsty for human blood, the clan of vampires or even those werewolves who are never filled with Human meat.

The soundtracks are particularly responsive and allow the multiple actions of the game orchestrated by this duo of features to add a real dynamism to the whole gameplay of Bloodlore Vampire Clan™.

For the fond of online gambling dealing with pure horror and who especially like the intervention of vampires and all that gravitates around them, something that is present in a corner of my mind tells me that they are not going to be disappointed.

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