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Birds!™ is a three dimensional slot machine that has been developed with love and it shows. Again, Betsoft Gaming presents a quality video slot that has the project to make travel its audience in various places very colorful.

The first one is content to offer a soothing atmosphere in the middle of the countryside. This place is accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack with the very pleasant singing of the birds who skillfully announce the gradual arrival of spring. The first wave of the game of Birds!™ takes place in a campaign. The background illustrates with detailed details the entire site of a farm. There are walkways of corn fields, grasses, wheat where straw bales are wisely waiting to be protected from moisture under a hangar.

A few hectares of land are reserved for a culture of sunflowers. Their colored heads of yellow, black and orange are turned towards the sun to drink its rays. In the distance on a hill rests for decades a farm. This is the home of a family of farmers who have a lot to do. An area of their habitat was specially designed to accommodate dairy cows during the morning milking and during the cold days of winter.

Others elements are to be counted in this beautiful scenery of the slot machine Birds!™ Like a Tyrolean in full action thanks to this westerly wind or even this silo which contains pellets to feed the cattle of this farm which is very remote from the city.

By evoking this word, players from Birds!™ Can go for a ride but still stay on the periphery. This episode of the gameplay of this video slot Betsoft Gaming will make all the sense during the course of the free games that are announced to be salty in terms of compensation.

Randomly and under the influence of a certain level of time spent on the game, users of this slot machine will be able to travel in other places of the world without too much difficulty Birds!™ For example, perched above one of the main streets of the city of Birds!™ Where the traffic is pretty quiet.

A common point connects all these places. As his title can tell us without any ambiguity, Birds!™ is a game of chance that strongly represents the birds. Birds!™ of a fatty appearance but just as cute and charming.

The common point of all the places that players will be able to frequent is that these birds stand perched on 3 high voltage lines. Each cable represents a row and on each of them there are 5 birds or a total of 15 to build 5 reels.

Birds!™ is not a three-dimensional slot that comes out of the ordinary. It is true that it has 5 reels and 3 rows but it does not have a payment line. To replace them, the game uses a feature that is still not widely used at Betsof Gaming. It has the name tumbling Reels. In other terms, an option that we can describe as special that works as an avalanche system of icons.

This is the case for example for the casino game Rook’s Revenge™. With the online game Birds!™, the operating principle is almost similar but to something ready all the same. The protagonists of this 3D online slot are all volatile. They are 15, have colors as well as features in the gameplay of the game which vary strongly between them.

When turning the video slot machine through the spin button, the 15 birds will take off on the right side by propelling their bodies into the air with their small legs resting on high-voltage lines. It is then that the interface will be found with its 3 cables completely set to nude.

A few seconds later knowing that there is a turbo game feature in the configuration of Birds!™, new birds will come on the left side to come and roost again on the 3 cables that carefully image the 3 rows of video slot. In the event of a prize that is likely to occur regularly, the bird icons responsible for this will fly away to give way to other icons coming from the left.

The missing spaces from the bottom will be completed by those coming from above. Amusing stagings will be appreciated during these moments of the game knowing that there is a multitude. These birds will do the acrobats without worrying too much about the danger of gravity and surrounding electricity by standing on a single paw.

Some will spend most of their time showing off in the sun by closing or blinking eyes, etc. They all have a dress kit of their own. Therefore, this makes all the diversity both on the character and on the physical aspect of the extras of Birds!™

Now that we have seen what the Tumbling Reels feature really has unique in its operation, we will focus our attention on the range of bets from this video slot Betsoft Gaming. As we now know, there is no payment line but a tumbling Reels feature to act as replacement.

The game of Birds!™ is built of 5 reels, 3 rows and it offers an opportunity to play from £0.01. A relatively small sum of money, but which will of course be able to revise its upward value by up to £125.00. A maximum amount that fits in a Bet Max index enough correct.

During the game of silver Birds!™, it will be possible to unlock free games associated with re-spins, wilds and an opportunity to win a fixed jackpot worth £830 000! A jackpot exceeding the mind but these monstrous pools are well known to display proudly in the gameplay of the games Betsoft Gaming.

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Whatever landscape the players are in, an element of the décor in addition to the introducing birds on high voltage lines will not change. By putting a brief moment in the skin of an observer, we can notice that a cylinder of plexiglass and corrugated material dominates all the left space next to the interface of the game.

As a crown, a bird’s nest with a glittering golden glitter egg is placed at its end. This power bar is inhabited by a blue fluid that will rise in height when every payment of the slot machine. This system has 4 levels of power and the goal to fill this bar at 100% will be to achieve 4 consecutive and winning rotations. In other words, it will not be necessary to know the face of the failure road.

If not, the liquid inside will disappear from the circulation as fast as it has arrived. In case the transparent tube is completely colonized by this bluish substance, free parts will join the show of the slot machine Birds!™

It is then that part defect, 8 rounds will be offered with the key a graphic chart that’ll know a new evolution to export its users in a green space. A place where birds will hum with a more lively than normal soundtrack and free games that will stop spitting tokens!

During the process of unfolding this free feature, players will also be able to attend a grandiose show take full advantage of free additional spins! The power bar will always be current to allow to win up to 20 free spins more which is very interesting and level consistent for a game Betsoft Gaming!

A recurring feature but that brings a lot of good in the different ways of earning money is devoted to the wilds. In the gameplay of the video slot Birds!™ Jokers will be able to show up several times during the end of a rotation to significantly amplify their power of action.


Icons that are illustrated by a bird to change but this one stands out very clearly from its colleagues. Its plumage is of all colors.

He wears purple, white, red and the outlines of his big eyes are made of green. This wild can substitute all the icons it will encounter and that without any exception. A big advantage that will allow him to set up his projects quickly. A godsend to make the players enjoy all their power so that they can enjoy the most beautiful sums of money!



Birds!™ In my opinion is a reference game in this matter. Players like me who love adventure games with warm colors with animals will probably be at angels.

Not for one moment I got bored when I discovered this online casino game Betsoft Gaming. The latter has the peculiarity to evolve in its graphic presentations with a landscape in the countryside, in a green space not far from the city or still in height above a large street.

The graphics are sublime and they give a deep desire to discover the game in its entirety. The gameplay in general is correct with features that are not certainly in large numbers but this does not justify the power of redistribution of a slot machine. Birds!™ proves with ease this finding with free games that can climb up to 20!

In addition, I have noticed that in the level of free spins, the redistribution is more flexible if we compare it with the main game. This is not to say that free spins are impassable quite the opposite. The wilds also do a great job of paying and I do not forget to restate in passing that Birds!™ Has a fixed jackpot of £830 000!

I know it’s not much but it’s always taken. By logic effect, I recommend the slot machine Birds!™ For these many qualities. This video slot offers a playful theme with a highly generous gameplay which makes this title one of my favorite games in the range Betsoft Gaming. A virtual slot that I’m not ready to forget and put at closet.

Subject : Birds!™ ~ Birds that conceal a jackpot of £830 000!
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