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Belgian Gambling Commission

In Belgium and with an IP address from the same country, an internet user or mobile user (GSM) according to their own web browsing wishes can be legally and safely enjoying online casino products. On the sole condition that those operators have passed through a practice authorisation granted exclusively by the gambling commission in Belgium.

A state agency charged with effectively and sustainably combating the proliferation of illegal online casino services on the internet (.be). Both to inform casino consumers approved by the Belgian commission and to know the different forms of authorizations that gambling operators must have in their pockets to operate on a legal level.

Have protection in case of a play activity that involves an addictive pathology. Finally, to be able to always be informed of the news related to the Belgian online gambling market.

The Betting Committee, based in Cantersteen 47 1000 Brussels in Belgium, has a long way to go so far so that everyone can gather clear and relevant information about their various current and Future questions. The Gambling Commission in Belgium has been queen since its inception in 1999 playing a key role in referring to the opinions it can release in its voice, in making crucial licensing and control decisions of all kinds.

The priority of the Regulation’s website is to inform consumers of the current legal context of gambling in Belgium, its numerous final decision powers and a very deep list of Belgian online casinos reporting illegal casinos online in Belgium.

The Belgian Gambling Commission leaves no secrets. Of course, a common thread can be created at any time by email with this opportunity to communicate with an agent or researcherin order to gather more information on a particular topic.

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