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Beetle Jewels™

Beetle Jewels™ is an IsofBet slot machine that responds to the fantasy theme in a fairy-tale world filled with insects with appearances that favor the highest point of interrogation. Beetles that leave thinking in the sense that the latter have the same DNA structure to admire the shape of their design.

A visual that is built by an oval structure that translates to be the solid body of these creatures. Articulated legs and long enough to move easily at a brisk pace on all kinds of surfaces.

Beetles that by far could easily be confused with ladybugs that for the shot would be giant. To illustrate this magical and benevolent side of the Beetle Jewels™ casino game, these animals clearly from a distant planet are highlighted by pleasant colors like green, red or yellow.

Mixes of colors that provide these creatures from the confines of the universe with a supernatural and intriguing side. But the element that one can not miss the look and which is clearly the most mysterious of these flying insects is that they are all and without the least exception accompanied by a stone precious.

A rock that in our world is a sign of great value by the fact of its rarity but in the context of the game of Beetle Jewels™, these gems carefully carved to give them intense radiation seem to be an essential link to offer life to its insects.

An almost blinding brightness at some point escapes from the center of these stones which seem to have the role of protecting the body of these harmless animals. These same rays also animate their eyes as if finally these jewels were synonymous with the fuel necessary to allow them to move freely by deploying their wings.

The world of Beetle Jewels™ does not seem to welcome other living species apart from these countless trees with thick foliage that mask the sky while taking care to let infiltrate some radiation of stars.

Of the brightness coming from the space and shatters on the foliage moistened by the dew that only reflect this magnificent whitish light coming from paradise. Beetle Jewels™ presents itself as a world where only beetles are animated by an inner force and unexpected changes of situation made by the delicacy of the Magic.

Produced by IsoftBet, Beetle Jewels™ is a one-armed bandit of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 ways to earn money that offers this opportunity to bet between £0.10 and £20.00. To enable a bet value to be selected from this gain scale, the game offers a single parameter that is based on the principle of activating a part value based between £0.01 and £2.00.

In its configuration, Beetle Jewels™ offers an automatic game mode with this possibility to be able to define a loss limit and to stop the game from a certain amount of gain. In its gameplay to give this opportunity to make money, the mobile Beetle Jewels slot machine offers expandable wilds as well as scatter icons responsible for activating free spins!



In the operation of the Beetle jewels online game, a one and only feature is available but on the other hand it will be the triggering factor of a succession of opportunities to collect money massively through big win, mega win and if the chance is really at the appointment of ultra win!

To play with free games-free spins, you will have to meet before that scatter icons. Beetle items that will play this role to open access to free spins. To actuate the trigger mechanism of 10 free spins, the game will have to appear on its interface symbols of the icons scatters pinkish beetles 3 times and anywhere on the screen of the game.

Once this staging has taken place then the free games will start their cycle with additional options in-house that will take a certain pleasure to operate in turn. Multiple interventions to intensify the existing probabilities of emerging on the surface by revealing their potential for redistribution.

There will be the phenomenon of the special symbol which will be selected following each spin and which appears in the middle of the title of the slot machine Beetle Jewels™. Just between the two words with a space represented by a circle that will only ask to host an icon randomly in its center.

This will have the effect of defining the reels and completing them by items in order to create pay lines. The simple wilds can at first present themselves as a letter to the post but will have no effective substitution on the special icons that I just present.

The other symbols can be replaced without any difficulty by the simple wilds. Very often the simple wilds will be able to take a stripe and then increase their intervention force in the game Beetle Jewels™ by becoming extensible. A way for them to really dominate the game and therefore explode the frequencies of getting prize!

Finally, the free Spins session will be able to know an extension in the face of its durability by having this chance to be boosted by additional free spins. The only effective way to get to this stage of the game will be to meet again 3 icons Scatters.



From April the 17th of 2017, I just integrated the first game of money Isofbet on the site. For a first slot machine of this brand of production, I must say that I was particularly amazed by the quality of the graphics of this publisher. The soundtrack is the result of a very good job that caused me to immerse myself literally in the context of game.

Beetle Jewels™ is for my part a game that takes place in excellence with an outstanding feature that offers unexpected earnings highlighted by big, mega and ultra win! Certainly Beetle Jewels is a mobile slot machine that counts only one feature which I must admit is quite a pity for a casino game of this magnitude in terms of its graphics and its thematic but the spirit of remuneration is well.

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