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Battle for Atlantis™

Battle for Atlantis™ is a free 5-reels, 3-rows casino game set in the deep sea, drawing a fierce battle between cyberpunk and the alluring Anomis. With wilds, scatters, free spins and winning multipliers will plunge us into this merciless battle at the bottom of the ocean to bring us maximum wealth!

In the kingdom of Atlantis, the guardian (the green and gold scatter of Battle for Atlantis™) must be very attentive. There is a serious threat against the Queen. Two beings from another planet want to kidnap her and bring her home to take the power and rule this wonderful kingdom of peace.

They want Atlantis to be part of the King of the dark, but it is without its guardian Anomis who would give his life for his queen. But the two characters in question are very bad and have excessive strength and they can’t miss their shot otherwise they’ll get grilled by their boss.

The Queen (the wild of Battle for Atlantis™) has been placed under protection and confined to her room to avoid any risk. They are on red alert…But The two aliens shave successful to infiltrate inside of the kingdom. The stress is at its maximum! Anomis finally finds them after looking for them from everywhere.

A ruthless battle will take place in the kingdom of Atlantis (as in the features of Battle for Atlantis™). They are two to one but not everything is won for the two foreigners. Practically exhausted, Anomis on the brink of death hears the voice of his queen who brings him up and finally wins this battle. Now they’re dead and the danger is over!

Features Battle for Atlantis™:


During each round in the main game, a random Overlay Wild feature can be activated. For this feature a reel without scatter will be used. There are three different types of Random Overlay Wilds. Legendary Trident will reward 4 wild symbols in the shape of a square.

Blast of Darkness will reward 2 to 5 wild symbols randomly. Kings Cutting Lightening rewards 3 wild symbols diagonally. The game has three different scatter symbols, each having a unique free spins game associated with it.

We’ll have the green and gold scatter with the Underwater King free spins, the red and black scatter with the Dark Villain free spins and the silver and blue scatter with the Ocean Enemy free spins. During the basic game, when 2 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels the low tide feature is rewarded.

The scatters will appear on reels only 2, 3 and 4 and during the low tide feature they can appear on all 5 reels. If the scatters are the same the feature starts immediately.

However, if the scatters are differents they fight and then transform all the scatters of the same type before the low tide begins. When 2 or 3 different scatters appear on the reels, the fight is initiated and one of them will be randomly chosen as the winning symbol.

Losing scatters will turn into winning symbols. The relationship between symbols will be directly related to the chances of symbols becoming winning symbols. Before the low tide feature starts all symbols will be of the same type.

During the low tide feature, scatters will transform that will remain in their position with other symbols that will be inactive. This feature will reward an additional 0 to 6 scatters. When the low tide is completed 3 or more scatters will activate the free spins.

If the free spins haven’t started, the player has one last chance to activate them. There will be no additional betting line during this feature. If the low tide feature is triggered with 2 scatters and there are no additional scatters that appear the player will receive a random feature that reveals a coin that will give 2 to 100 times the bet or a scatter symbol in a random position on the reels.

The winning coins from the random feature are added to any winning line. If the feature offers a scatter symbol then free spins will begin. There are 3 different types of free spin sets each corresponding to each of the 3 scatter symbols.

Underwater King free spins with the green and gold scatter will reward 5 free spins and all scatters turn into sticky wilds. Dark Villain free spins with the red and black symbol reward a minimum of 9 free spins.

Each additional scatter on the reels will reward 2 additional free spins. Ocean Enemy free spins with the silver and blue scatter reward 7 free spins and each scatter will increase the x1 multiplier. Beyond the x15 multiplier the additional scatters will not increase the multiplier.

During free spins, scatters can appear on all 5 reels. Each free spins use its reel set which contains scatters of the same type as the one that will activate the free spins. During free spins, the low tide feature cannot be triggered.

Free spins and random wilds will be added to the winnings of betting lines. Free spins are played on the same level of bet and same coin value that activated them. During free spins the earned features of additional scatters will be activated immediately and before calculating the winnings of this round.

If multiple scatters appear at the same time the feature is triggered once for each new scatter. The Gamble game can be used after a standard win by choosing a red card or a black card. The bet will be doubled if the choice is correct. Earnings can be played up to 5 times.

Opinion about Battle for Atlantis™:

The provider GameArt offers us an incredible free casino game Battle for Atlantis™. Full of features, scatters, free spins on a beautiful interface under the theme of Atlantis. Symbols that impact by their reality, warm colors inspiring on a blue background of the ocean is really beautiful. Very sexy and disturbing characters only reinforce the good points of GameArt’s game of chance.

It’s really a complete machine also level gameplay. There is practically everything except a jackpot but for the rest there are wilds, several scatters that trigger different features, with free spins and payout multipliers. The provider GameArt team worked very well, it’s beautiful!

We don’t have any data on the return to the player but as far as volatility is concerned it is low we have to wait a while to be able to test the features. That’s one of the flaws I find at the Battle for Atlantis™ mobile slot machine. The time it takes to get free spins. It’s too long, not great for the player!

Coin values range from 0.01 to 0.02,, 0.20, 0.50 to €1.00. That’s not good either, there’s not too much choice and the maximum bet is €30. It’s not huge! In addition the provider GameArt gives only €500 to play in fun which is not much either but it is certainly to shorten the path to go to the real mode. Despite these drawbacks, the Game Battle for Atlantis™ is still entertaining and attractive.

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