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Baron Samedi™

On November the 22nd of 2018 the Swedish provider Yggdrasil has released its new machine: Baron Samedi™, under the theme of voodoo wishing to plunge us into a world that scares a little bit. At least that invites respect for most of us, the spirits, the dark world, and the means to be able to come into contact with the hereafter.

Peter and Jimmy are two brothers with completely different characters. Peter an always impeccable and very serious business manager and Jimmy, who had studied to be a doctor, but who couldn’t really find his place, did not know what to do with his life, he drowned his sorrows in alcohol. When they were little, Peter had been present during his mother’s suicide and he had promised to always watch over his brother.

But one day, Jimmy can’t afford anymore and he decides to go away after a big fight with Peter. This time the subject had not been the same as usual, Peter had found Jenny his girlfriend at Jimmy’s because she had found in Jimmy what Peter did not give her. The situation had come to the extreme, the two brothers had just fought.

Jimmy decides to go to Haiti in a psychiatric hospital to study the paranormal phenomena (hobby he had always had) and to teach them the western methods to treat certain mental illnesses, that’s why he was going joining his colleague Doctor Marie France, a change of air would be good for everyone.

Years have passed, Peter had had a big depression after being deceived by his brother and his girlfriend, moreover he was on medication, he kept moving because it was him now that no longer found his place in this world. But one day her ex-girlfriend, reporter, comes in and tells him she has to do a story about a doctor who disappeared to Haiti: Jimmy.

Peter did not want to hear about his brother or her but at the moment he had nothing better to do, he was out of work and he was going to move again. So he decides to help Jenny in her investigation, Paula and Jeff were going to join them as editorial and camera chief. The team is going to Haiti.

When they arrive there they meet the doctor Marie France, and at the beginning no one reveals that Jimmy and Peter are brothers. She makes them visit the clinic, the place is gloomy, seems to have no end, we can even see people who are tied with chains! It’s cold in the back but the four battle mates continue their path.

When she leaves them alone, they return to their steps to try to find answers to their questions. It must be said that the practices and beliefs of these people were other than in the western world. Suddenly he stops in front of a terrifying man with a high hat and his figure painted in white and black, looks like the Baron Samedi™!

The four young are more and more frightened, but they ask Marie-France to help them. Actually Jeff was out of the clinic looking for coffees for everybody and someone weird had approached him and gave him a pen drive. What could it contain? He seeks Peter to show him. They have to see what it contains!

When they start looking at what was in it, they see what it contains. These are the pictures of his brother’s work with patients. But he was practicing voodoo! He’s looking for answers to questions and all of a sudden, Jimmy disappears and all that filmed! Every moment that passes gets worse and worse.

The Doctor Marie-France tells them that she does not agree frankly but she will put them in contact with a voodoo master. They cannot find the master, but only the assistant. Indeed, he told them that Jimmy had come to fetch him but that since he was gone too.

The voodoo apprentice, who still had some experience, agreed to follow them to the clinic to help them find answers or even the master. They put themselves in one of the rooms that had drawings of rituals on the floor and even bring the patient who looks like the Baron Samedi™, they would use it for the ritual.

They sit in the circle, the atmosphere is really tense, but we must continue, we must find Jimmy and the others at all costs! The apprentice slit a hen and poured the blood on the patient. All of a sudden he gets into a trance and so can get in touch with the afterlife! The voltage increases per second… They come to see Jimmy, the master and other people who seem to be there!

But at one blow, the body of the Baron Samedi™ as possessed, begins to move, to crawl, and to say strange things! They manage to see Jimmy, and many other people doing rituals. Without knowing how, the Baron Samedi™ removes Jenny and disappears!

Peter and the others begin to look for her through hallways where white sheets hung. In each room Peter saw moments of his past life with his brother Jimmy and even the day of the fight! The voodoo apprentice tells Peter that Jenny is going to be sacrificed!

While advancing in his search more he deepened in memories on the day of his mother’s suicide, further away and Peter has poisoned and killed his stepfather because he terrorized his brother Jimmy. He always wanted to be alone with him… Now he understands! He had done it to defend him but Jimmy did not want to.

Her mother enters and discovers this horror, but it is done she must protect them, so she takes the body of her partner into the cellar and begins to cut it into pieces to hide the evidence of the crime. But the fault is killing until the day when no longer resistant she commits suicide by climbing on a ladder knife in hand and planting it in her mouth she jumps from the ladder.

Peter was there and now his mother’s words made sense: she wanted to protect him from the monster, the Baron Samedi™, his guilt! He had just understood everything, also that his brother felt like that to protect him and not to hurt him! He had to find him among this mixture of spirits and real bodies! I wish… The remaining three friends decide to separate so that Peter can find Jenny and Jimmy, and that’s when Paula and Jeff get sued by Baron Samedi™.

They hide under a bed but unfortunately, this strange being starts to jump on the bed and pierce it with his big sword, and suddenly he crosses the body of Jeff, Paula can not waste time she comes out quickly and hides again , but he discovers it right away and running the same fate as Jeff…

Peter finds Jimmy but also the monster, his conscience, his feeling of guilt and both are going to confront him. Their fight is fierce and they can finally defeat him but Jimmy ended up succumbing to his wounds and leaves Peter in utter desolation. Before dying, he tells him to take care of Jenny and save her, what Peter promises.

He began his search and soon found her, and as the two brothers had defeated him, it was only left to the Baron Samedi™ to respect his promise. There is no longer a world of living! Peter promises Jenny not to separate from her and always protect her!

Features of the game of money Baron Samedi™


Baron Samedi™ is a video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed lines from the left. The game has eight regular symbols that win if 3 or more symbols line up in a pay line. Wild symbols substitute all the regular symbols and appear anywhere on the reels and in the free spins.

There is also a free spins symbol that only appears in the basic game and a mysterious symbol that appears only in the free spins and re-spins. The card collection is only available in free spins but can be seen by clicking on the card set at the top right of the screen.

The feature of the Baron Samedi™ slot machine VooDoo Re-spin is triggered if two free spins symbols land and reward with three collectibles cards for that spin. The free spins symbol is represented by a skull with a black top hat and a cape and the Free Spins words listed below.

Free spins are triggered when 3 or + free spin symbols arise on the reels and reward three collectibles cards for this round. If the card collection is completed during free spins, they will be played once the free spins session is complete.

The third feature of the online video slot Baron Samedi ™ is that of the extra free spins. When you complete any collection of cards you receive 3 extra free spins for the cards blocked in the first position and rewarding this feature for the rest of the free spins. This card is not added to the collection during extra free spins.

If two collectibles cards are completed in one spin then they are played one after the other in the same order as they have been activated, and the collection will start to zero as soon as it is filled. Extra free spins are played with the average part values when a specific card has been taken.

The cards feature and collection by Baron Samedi™ is another of the special features and that allows to win free spins, increase chances of winnings by granting additional wilds, some (mystery symbols) will turn into random symbols in each spin.

Baron Samedi™ game opinion of Yggdrasil provider

On the 22nd of November of 2018, the Swedish provider Yggdrasil released its new slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 guaranteed payment lines under the theme of voodoo. Indeed, it is the Baron Samedi™, the Loa of death, he wears a high hat, a black jacket and his face is painted white like a skull.

As usual Yggdrasil provider does not disappoint but I have to find him a snag this time: no jackpot, it’s a big mistake because the largest number of the players are looking for it very much! No bonus game either, but different features based on free spins that will give us the opportunity to increase our winnings.

A feature with cards that will help us increase our bankroll offering a little more sense to the game to not fall into monotony. The return to the player is 97% and its volatility is average which adds a plus to this game which only has as originality this game of random cards.

Apart from the interface is impeccable with super neat details to put us in the mood and especially special effects level is very well done. The flames of the candles is very real, like the incandescent ash of the cigar, the blood that moves in the glass…

Very well done, also the reels that ignite all the colors! No details of voodoo missing in the interface we can see that they have dug well the brain, and for the soundtrack the drums mixed with African sounds are really well suited to cinematography.

Apart from its lack of originality in features, no jackpot and no bonus game, the online slot machine Baron Samedi™, is still not bad. His card game helps us to multiply the chances of winning. For the lovers of black magic they will hallucinate, I recommend them!

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