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Banana Rock™

Under the theme of rock ‘n’ roll the provider Play’n GO brings us his last slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed lines of payment that with a jackpot of £250,000 a volatility high and a back of 96% it makes us move!

In the end background in the jungle, there is a colony of primates that lived quietly, jumping from tree to tree, eating bananas the length of day, doing the nap… short a life of monkeys! All takes place peacefully until the day where a loading escapes of a plane and comes land near them.

The jungle is huge but this doesn’t brake the Monkey brothers: Simon, Elvis, Quincy, Jimmy and Percy who are too much curious and decide to go to the research of famous package fallen of the sky: what it could be? It was big enough and our primates nosy get going.

According to the calculations of Simon, it should at least spend three hundred trees and a few shrubs to finally find it! Not too much for them to do, but they should move away of their colony and it do plugged not really Percy the most fearful that asked to each if there was good to move as far as.

Suddenly the five primates stop… A big box in wood is draws the middle in the vegetation, it is! They are arrived! The curiosity itches them but now they had another problem: how open the box? this was not easy but who was coming right now?

Yes, it was their friend Ritchie the gorilla! As usually he was in the research of new treasures, and he also had seen the box falling from the plane! Go to the attack! A few shots of fist from Ritchie are enough to open the big box in wood.

Those is not their stupor when they discover of weird objects inside, Simon the most intelligent of all is reminded of a book what their teacher miss Tina had shown them: it was of instruments of music! There was a guitar, a keyboard a battery, cello, drums, but also costumes, speakers…

They are all looking themselves with the eyes that out of orbits! What is this that they would do with all it? Not very far they hear someone cry… this is a human! They are approaching gently for not scaring him and they ask him what was happening.

The human up the head and responds that he is ruined, the group that he had sponsored has gone with the money, had thrown the box of the plane and had pushed him and made him jump in parachute and change their destination. They should have given a concert not very far, but now he couldn’t do anything and he is going to be in big troubles.

Simon is remembering of course of Miss Tina, and looking its brothers he knows that they can help him and asks him how many time had they before the famous concert Banana Rock™, and the human responds what… Three days! Simon introduce him and also his brothers: Quincy, Elvis, Percy, Jimmy and this big one is Richie. The human is called Johnny and little to little he recovers his serenity.

They need to go to the place where is going to take place the Banana Rock™ festival, but our primates had the ideas very clear. They would still embark in a new adventure as usually they could not stay quiet! Ritchie call its friends gorillas to transport the content of the box to the place of the concert.

They were all excited! They were jumping everywhere and Simon did not stop singing and more they advanced in their way more Johnny thought that this was finally not a bad idea! After a few hours walking, they arrive to the place of the famous festival Banana Rock™!

It was incredible to see a place as it the middle of the jungle but it was real! the neons, the scenario, the colors, people… they don’t need to loose time, they need to start to get well prepared right now! The don’t have a lot of time to repeat!

All was clear, Simon is the singer, Quincy to drums, jimmy the keyboard, Elvis to the battery, Percy the electric guitar, and Ritchie the cello! It was perfect they hadn’t left anybody out. And, one, two, three… they start playing the instruments as if they had done it all their life!

In addition they rave as they were crazy! Johnny doesn’t believe his eyes! He could assume the contract that he had signed with the organizers of Banana Rock™ and all thanks to its primates that he had met in the jungle! Nobody is going to believe it! Now they need to dress up and makeup.

It was the time to pampered them a little before the big concert! A little of makeup here a toupee by is and soon our friends are ready for doing their best! They are too much happy, how a package fallen of the sky can their change life in this way!

There it is ! The moment has happened! The curtain is up and our friends primates are in place. Lights of all the colors pierce the darkness in the night, they can hear the crowd who is cheering and here Jimmy who comes to give the welcome to the participants and the public of Banana Rock™. The concert starts!

Features and rules of the game Banana Rock™:


The singer of Banana Rock™ is the rock ‘n’ rollin wild and can appear on any reel and if two symbols rock ’n’ rollin wild is stopped on the reels the feature re-spin will be activated. All the symbols will maintained in place and you are rewarded.

When the reels turn the symbol rock ’n’ rollin wild the most right is moving for reach the same symbol to the most left, it is connecting to other symbols on the way first vertically then horizontally leaving a trail of wilds on the symbols no-wilds for helping to create winning combinations.

The symbol scatter lands on the reels 1 and 5 and triggers the feature free spins that includes a victory warranty in still spin that has place after the end of the free spins.

The feature free spins starts with 10 free spins. And free additional spins can be earned in placing the symbol scatter on the reels. Each scatter that lands adds a spin. The feature Re-Spin can be triggered for the towers free and will not taken in account in the free spins used.

For the free spins, you can collect the members individual of the group creating the stacked that covers the length of the reel. Each member has a counter associated with that increases to each collection that adds a multiplier additional to all the other winning involving this member of the group.

The first multiplier starts in x2 and all the other collections add + 1, the maximum can be of x5 by member of the group. A time that the free spins are completed the game is transformed into still spin that is a warranty win spin™ that involves only the symbols of members of the group.

The rock ‘n’ rollin cannot be triggered in the free spins. The multipliers then obtained when of the free spins are added and applied to all the winnings obtained in still spin for a total possible of a multiplier x25.

Opinion of the money game Banana Rock™:

A slot machine of 5 reels Play’n GO, 3 rows and 10 lines fixes of winning under the theme rock ‘n’ roll. An interface very neat already rock music very catchy, and who encourages us to support on the button spin! There isn’t a lot of features but the volatility is high and offers winings very quickly. With a range between £0.10 to £100 on in a for all the budgets and a back of 96% which is not bad at all.

We can spend a good moment with this machine that can we offer a jackpot of £250,000! not bad, huh? if we support on spin and on the stop, the end of a few tours on game we triggers the game fast in explaining us that we can the change when we want. I find enough original the game of monkeys rockers with a soundtrack very nice and the colors that we attract the regard.

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