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Aztec Princess™

Play’n GO is a very strong publisher in this field when it comes to offering games to themes exporting players to several millennia back to relive the era of ancient civilizations. With one of his recent headlines as of June 3rd of 2016, the programmers of the Play’n GO development studios are following a long-term work the Aztec Princess™ mobile video slot machine.

A game that says a lot about it already when focusing on its title. Composed of the English words Aztec and Princess, the content of the game lets us predict that its gameplay will most certainly take place at the time of the Aztecs and that a princess will be in the vicinity to add a touch of femininity. A hypothesis that will prove to be quite right. For players fond of this type of game to content that refer to ancient civilizations, they can discover now 2 million BC (prehistory) as well as Rook’s Revenge (Maya Culture) both propelled by Betsoft Gaming.

Built of 5 rolls, 3 rows and 20 free payment lines, The video slot Aztec Princess™ is drawn on one of the facades of a sacred temple lost in the middle of the rainforest. Particularly neat at the level of its graphics, the 5 wheels allows to appreciate remarkable sculptures in the stone that image a binomial formed by two snakes with neurotoxic venom deadly.

A staging that lets emerge strength and protection by giving the role of its two reptiles to be the bodyguards of the female protagonist who resides in these places. A rather intimidating representation that will suffice ample for a large majority of explorers to revoke this invasive desire to want to explore at all costs the galleries and secret halls of this Temple.

This is a sacred place that is also protected by nature with these red frogs with blue spots of an exemplary toxicity to the human being. An eagle that squared its hunting area with the beak wide open swirling from heights giving the vertigo around the temple. A majestic but not frankly convenient leopard that lets see its scary teeth dominated by formidable Canine.

The fairly aggressive physical expression of these different animal species proves and then lets understand without any ambiguity that this sacred temple has not been visited for a long time or that those who preferred to play with fire never came back living at them.

In any case, it will be necessary to show courage in this adventure game which promises to be more hostile. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines, the Aztec Princess™ mobile slot offers the most complete gameplay with a trio of well-decided features to distribute prizes in mess.

To fulfill its role motivated by generosity, the online casino game Aztec Princess™ leaves a chance to play with wilds substitution, free spins that can reach a climax of 25 and a very captivating bonus level offering lots of chips enough heavy.

During its operation and before each new start of the reels, Aztec Princess™ leaves an opportunity to set a final bet between £0.01 and £25.00. To be able influence a value of the above-mentioned scale, three options will be opened. The first will focus on denomination values ranging from £0.01 to £0.25, coins per active line ranging from 1 to 5 and an opportunity to vary the number of lines from 01 to 20.

As additional and unique options for all Play’n GO slots, users of the game Aztec Princess™ will have the opportunity to play with a bet max button which is in other words an option to play to the maximum. The automatic game will also respond present in the comfort settings with an opportunity to configure up to 50 free spins.



Aztec Princess™ is a mobile money game that offers as a first feature and especially the one that will be likely to show up most often in its gameplay are wilds. In other words, wildcards that will have the main feature of activating the game so that the latter quickly distributes tokens.

To do this, the jokers will have a replacement power. In the configuration of the Play’n GO Aztec Princess™ video slot, the wilds will be able to substitute all the icons that form the game except scatter items for free spins and illustrations of the game Bonus.

These substitution icons are represented by a traditional gilded engraving typical of Aztec culture. By presenting 3, 4 or 5 times on the screen and on any reel of the game, the jokers will be in full capacity to distribute in each case 50, 500 or 5000 Chips!


A game session covers free spins in the gameplay of the Aztec Princess™ three-dimensional slot machine. These are scatter icons that will have the task of activating this more income-earning feature. Symbols that represent the portrait of the princess in this adventure game in full jungle.

The cold gaze, she fixes the lens with the upper half of her face which is covered by bluish camouflage. His hair and ears are concealed behind a crown whose frames are mainly made of different moldings, giving rise to a rather imposing structure.

The top of his head is covered by large feathers placed next to each other. At the level of his ears are hung as a pendant of miniature death heads. A look far from glamorous for a princess but the latter will know how to soften her image to allow players to find some comfort of play during the process of free spins.

It is from the presence of three items of this Aztec Princess™ that things will take on advancement with a chance to win up to 25 free spins. A time of play that will leave an opportunity to leave with a good jackpot in crate.

In addition to being able to play with free spins and to cash the benefits that they want to clear, the scatter icons responsible for activating these free spins will have the intention of delivering token packs. By getting 2, 3, 4 or 5 times these famous icons, the Players will benefit 2, 3, 30, 300 coins respectively. Certainly, far less generous than the wilds but it is always good to take that to leave.


To accompany and form a Trio of features, the Aztec Princess™ game of chance offers a chance to be entertained with a bonus level. In order to achieve this goal, the game will require to get anywhere on the reels three symbols represented by three skulls standing on stone desks sculpted.

Once the game has found such a setup, things will seriously spoil. The gameplay will take on a whole new twist by expatriation players in one of the secret halls of the Aztec Princess™ Temple. More precisely in a mortuary chamber illuminated by two mighty torches present on either side of the game.

Before the goal will be held a kind of stone table. Human skulls will come to pass along the latter to position itself through a cinematography on pillars. A first pass with a head of death, then a second and a third. At first, these skulls are grey, cracked and show little resistance to the blow.

Following a shock wave in this room where only death lies, the skulls will explode one after the other to let see a second head of death in a much better state with a respective color. In the gameplay of this bonus game of the Aztec Princess™ slot machine, the goal to win a maximum of money will be to create a perfect combination that rests on the colors.

For example, three silver colored skulls are the equivalent of 1000 chips, three maroons return 20 coins, etc. To break the mystery of the different types of remuneration available in the bonus game, a winning table will be erected above this spectacle staged by all these heads of dead.

In the course of this special level, no intervention will be requested from users. They will simply have to watch the bonus game scenario unfold to appreciate the special effects and quality of the graphics that frame this rate of redistribution abundant in coins at the end of course.

Once the three skulls are brought to light, the equivalency prizes will be credited in cash and players will be exported in the main game in an ultra-fast way to go back to the conquering an upcoming feature of the Aztec Princess™ mobile slot.



Aztec Princess™ is for my part an online casino game that says a lot. From my first moments of connection, I appreciated the graphic quality of this title which is full of details. The animals are not dynamic which is unfortunate in my opinion but the quality of the graphics to so well been worked that one feels a whole lot of emotions and the degree of imagination becomes very quickly overflowing.

Aztec Princess™ is in my opinion a good adventure game that offers a very original gameplay with a compensation force that is driven by a redistribution rate of 94.00%. Certainly a value that is far from being the best deal with other Play’n GO slots but I did not feel uncomfortable to reach the gateway features offered.

Among the three features that act as a presence in the gameplay of Aztec Princess™, I greatly appreciated the principle of operation of the bonus level that offers a very illustrative space of the Aztec civilization with blood rituals aimed at sacrificing animals and sometimes humans to curb the wrath of the gods. This burial place where the skulls are an integral part of the scenery and are the key to getting enough generous prizes.

As a whole, The mobile video slot Aztec Princess™ offers a particularly playful and rewarding content. Players who love adventure games will most likely find shoes at their feet playing with the Aztec Princess™ slot machine. A very good game of money available on mobile that joined the favorite games Play’n Go of the site of Avis Casinos.

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