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The development studios of Games Nextgen Online Casino Gaming already have them audacity by a close past to transport us to Asian land with the title of More Monkeys™ that suddenly comes to mind.

is a character slot machine that is composed of 5 reels, 3 rows and which offers 1024 opportunities to collect funds through a set of very rewarding features for the experience of each user.

For those who wish to stir a little more their degree of curiosity in favor of More Monkeys, this slot machine NextGen Gaming is still available in free version from the site of using a Normal Game but also from a Full Screen

But let’s get back to our sheep and now let’s be interested in one of NextGen Gaming’s latest creations named Astro Cat™. A game that is classified under slot machines and comes out of the ordinary frame of what we can know because Astro Cat™ stands out from its big sisters through its 8 reels, 4 rows and with its 1296 possibilities to offer more consistent prizes in terms of their volumes the respective.

A variation of online casino that promises to surprise more than one and me the first. I admit that I had a little trouble getting there by having to Supplement 3 other reels. Astro Cat™ presents itself in a beautiful day with a graphic charter that is mainly responsible for staging a cat having without distinction the appearance of a living piggy bank well determined to explode so it contains tokens.

Astro Cat™ is a slot machine who turns towards an Asian-style theme. Clues are scattered all over the interface leaving little doubt to the obvious. A graphic representation for the least careful that enters into training through a targeted accompaniment related by a fauna as well as an abundant flora.

Many elements that form a perfect setting in exactly and without the slightest detour to the one we can rub shoulders with in Central Asia. For example, a banzai tree or for animal appearance, a couple of yellow-colored Chinese carps whose scales are dissociated between them by thin borders of green colors fluorescent.

But also all sorts of objects that make references to this continent as fans of different colors adorned with Chinese scriptures, a piggy bank in the form of a cat whose only left paw has a joint and many other icons. Neat illustrations that are adorned at the party to participate in the massive injection of parts in the players cashier by pushing many possibilities to provoke victories.

Moments of festivity and pure pleasure which for the most part are supported and intensified by fireworks generous in color and in striking detonation, measuring themselves to the relentless power of redistribution of the video slot machine Astro Cat™.

Astro Cat™ is a game of chance that is filled with action series of all kinds. A slot machine who to preserve a certain festive side takes place in the middle of the night at the Chang Jiang River. The largest of all the Asian continent that supports its surface of fine wooden boats allowing to pass from one bank to the other because the first bridge is in dozens of kilometers.

A rather remote place where civilization has settled here and there thanks to the formation of small villages that live mainly fishing and hunting. Other than these daily activities, the villagers of this place where only prosperous joy for decades adore on top of all partying. Every opportunity is good to get out of home and come to meet other inhabitants.

Illuminated by a powerful moonlight, the mobile Astro Cat™ slot machine is powered by the advanced NextGen Gaming provider. Astro Cat™ is a casino game that promises to share its configuration to upset the experience of players who want to tame it. A game of pure chance that stands out strongly from others with a configuration of 8 reels, 4 rows and 1296 ways to offer prizes! Never seen in the history of NextGen Gaming and it is today that this publisher seems to me to want to take a turn at 180 degrees in its evolution that continues to experience rich moments in emotions.

To its gameplay, Astro Cat™ is a game of chance that is far from fierce in terms of features. As soon as it is launched, the game holds all the necessary means to release big win (Big winnings). Massive batches of pieces that will probably have the primary impact of bringing players where Astro Cat™ wants them to take it.

That is to say towards wealth. A mission that has been set by this slot machine and to achieve its ends, Astro Cat™ makes available to its public wilds, free spins, scatters (lots of parts) as well as earnings multipliers able to evolve up to an index of x16!

To rejoice a good margin of players and I the first with this advantage of being able to play strong either up to a limit of £250.00 per spin. For those who want to start the adventure in a more or less secure area at the betting values they choose to inject, they will be able to start playing from £0.50.

With 1296 possibilities to meet prizes, the Astro Cat™ slot machine is therefore not logically able to offer payment lines. Therefore, it is not possible to act on a line selection to set a precise bet value before the launch of the 8 reels. On the other hand, in order to set up a betting level, the online game Astro Cat™ offers the opportunity to be able to influence a denomination value available between £0.01 and £5.00.



The first feature that will most likely make a sign to many players remain the Wilds simple. Icons that are personally responsible for staging a cat under the guise of a living mechanical piggy Bank.

As with any joker that respects Astro Cat’s™ feature will be to help users to meet victories by having an influence in the game symbolized by a substitution icon. A clear item has all the privileges to upset the game and allow it to release tokens.

In the configuration of the online casino game Astro Cat™, the chat joker will be able to replace all the items in the game except those that represent the bonus level that we will see in detail as a result of this table of winnings.

To mark its territory and begin its work of substitution, the wild simple chat can manifest itself on the reels 3 and 4 only. The other reels will leave him a notice of passage but the wild simple chat is not in a position to be able to deploy his powers which will allow him to have a complete grasp on the course of the game.


The gameplay of the mobile slot machine Astro Cat™ will book a beautiful surprise the players by giving them the chance to be able to through a free sequence the time of 12 spins!

But before you can play for free it will have to collect at least 5 icons illustrated by a duo of firework rocket full to cracking powder. By presenting itself 5, 6,7, 8 or 9 times on the reels, the Astro Cat™ game will be able to credit each other the equivalence of 1, 5, 10, 25 or 500 chips!

Following this brief episode and in the case of the appearance of a minimum of 5 red rockets, the game will automatically launch 12 Free Spins (free spinning). In this free game session, there will be the presence of a new icon that will bear the names of cats and that’ll have the same trumps as the simple jokers I just presented by having this ultimate power to lock on reels.

Several features will be assigned to this unique feature in-house for free games. By positioning itself on the 12 external locations of the reel 3, 1 Mega Tower will be awarded but when the latter will end and unfortunately the free spins will finalize also.

To return to the Mega tour, this will be defined by the complete colonization of the game by cats with monstrous potential to collect at the speed of light a large mass of chips. Cats are a reminder of jokers so this feature will be comfortable in its environment and in full capacity to sow discord on reels.

It will take advantage of its field of action to create growing opportunities in order to give birth to prizes that only demand to explode. On the other hand, a symbol poison which will be imagery by a vase holding prisoner a skull of death will be there to sow trouble and attempt to hinder the progression of the Cats which will be on the side of players.

The head of death will do the opposite to destabilize the unlimited progression of cats in the game during free spins. By appearing on the reels, the poison symbol will stop the free spins and an earning multiplier of x2 will grow as fast as a mushroom story to appease the spirits in the face of the ultra-fast closure of the free spins session.



Astro Cat™ is an online casino game as I like it. The story of the game totally absorbed me in the company of a graphic charter of the most elegant which I must say is full of details.

A perfectly neat graphic finishes that suggests that the work of the publishers of NextGen Gaming to put on foot this type of slot machine really did not have to be of any rest. An excellent work of realization that only offers this haunting desire to want to advance in the game to discover what he has in the belly.

A vibrant energy slot that gives free space to a well-strung gameplay of features. Wilds that are operational both in the main game but also during the session of the free games. A number of 12 free spins are within Click Range to play for free with a growing hope for every free spin to enter the supreme feature of the Astro Cat™ game marked by Mega tours. Giant spins and explosives of prize that to each case of figure that presents itself gives way to big win sensational.

Astro Cat™ is for my part and this is only my personal opinion an online casino game that very much deserves its place in the favorite games NextGen Gaming from the comparison of AvisCasinos. com. The design is very nice to watch and observe with the video of the cat when triggering big win that has the habit of crossing the screen by distributing tons of chips!

I also note this ease of configuration of the game to dissociate the main game of the sequence of free spins with a graphic chart scalable and filled with hot colors giving this addiction to remain connected and to turn tirelessly the 8 reels of the game which with the help of its 1296 opportunities to earn money offers a rate of theoretical redistribution for players 95.44% !!

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