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Aloha Cluster Pays™

Aloha Cluster Pays™ is a mobile slot machine that unlike its other big sisters Netent presents itself to its audience with 6 reels, 5 rows and 5 fixed payment lines.

This new Netent slot machine invites his players to evolve in on a particularly colorful tropical island. The fauna and flora will be present at the time of the meeting during the many adventures of the gameplay of Aloha Cluster Pays™.

A video slot that sits quietly in the middle of a small square of freshly shorn lawn to give way to its Interface of 6 reels. A screen that is accompanied by a massif of lilies with bright violet petals. All that is missing is the smell that emanates from this delicious plant to have the feeling of being at Paradise.

The opposite of these soothing flowers on the left, a statuette with no legs will be there to pass the stages of the game with the players. Composed in a single block of carved light brown wood, she will not hesitate to evolve in her way of being and do.

She will start playing musical instruments history to amuse the gallery or even show off by wearing sunglasses and always with a smile. As for the items of the online slot Aloha Cluster Pays™, this statue letting see his teeth up to the ears is multi facets.

Many icons will be present to nourish the joy and good humor that reigns in the air of this little corner of paradise. For example, because the list is long, there are postage stamps made in USA that illustrate the evening side plugged in on the edge of sea.

Yes indeed, with the online casino game Aloha Cluster Pays™ it’s fiesta every night and the free games will make a feast to put it all on stage. Also rely on this interface Exotic fruits such as coconuts, pineapples but also seafood like scallops which for the shot are green blue colors. Other items will also be present to aggravate things stories to activate features and I can tell you that there are many who knock at gate.

The atmosphere of the mobile slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays™ is most peaceful. But it hides its game well because this spirit of tranquility will only be carried out in the content of the main game. Slowly the events will be chained and the atmosphere will gradually spoil with an ambient temperature level that will not stop climb.

The Game Aloha Cluster Pays™ offers a breathtaking view with in addition a beach with fine white sand like snow. A thick belt of palms protects the periphery of this island. A volcano in full activity is standing in the distance, leaving tens of kilometers to the round an imposing volcanic ash cloud. The place makes you dream with these postcard decorations. Users are not likely to be at the end of their surprises with features that may ignite the game in the figured sense.

With a range of bets based on a scale ranging from £0.10 to £200.00, the video slot mobile Aloha Cluster Pays™ offers gameplay of 4 features. Before listing them, this game of chance from the Netent production has a fixed jackpot worth £100 000!

An always good kitty to take that can fall from one moment to another. The game options of Aloha cluster countries are wilds, free games, a special feature (Cluster Pays™), Sticky Wins associated with Re-spins and free spins which may depend on their kindly activate in turn extras laps Free!



JeI’m going to start this table of earnings from the mobile slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays™ by its special feature which for me puts it in front of its unique and reserved side just for it.

His name isCluster Pays™y and it is based on a relatively simple operating principle. By logic, the goal is to have fun and therefore not to take the lead with rules impossible to understand.

The publishers Netent very well understood. This special feature takes shape on the 6 reels of the online slot from the moment a group of 9 icons of the same nature appears horizontally or vertically or both at the same time.

By getting a family of 9 similar symbols welded together, the Aloha Cluster Pays™ game will only offer a price accordingly which will be more or less important depending on the type of symbol displayed as well as the value of the bet that will have enabled to activate the special feature Cluster Pays™.


The second feature of Aloha Cluster Pays™ that I will present now features pretty close to the option Cluster Pays™ game. This is a Sticky Win feature that has the advantage in the gameplay of this online money game to merge with Re-Spins.

By getting a mass of similar symbols, welded between them and greater than 9 units, the feature that will wake up will be the Sticky Win feature. During the process of this option, symbols of the same nature will remain frozen while the others are returned to the circuit through a Re-Spin.

In the case of a Re-Spin award, the icons of the same origin as the ones that triggered the feature will follow the same path by remaining frozen in turn. A second Re-spins will take place to perform the same thing. The Sticky Win feature re-spins will end, when there will be no more spaces for new icons.


During the course of the game, it will not be impossible to play with free spins. To activate this free feature that promises to offer up to 12 spins, it will be asked to get at least to the screen 3 icons in the form of a postage stamp illustrating the island of Aloha Cluster Pays™ once the sun lying down.

In fact, when the free games come into service, the interface of the online game will know some changes that will make all the difference. The sky will leave room for violet, orange and sometimes pink clouds. The palm trees will guide the way of the revelers with the help of multicolored lanterns hanging from their sturdy branches. The volcano will not fail to recall that it is alive and well by making its crater blush as in the game volcano eruption.

The statuette will take advantage of it to play a few notes of music on the dry guitar. In short, you will have to expect something unique and the developers of Netent games of chance are very adept at it. During the course of this feature punctuated by music and festive spirit as can remind us the video slot mobile Spiñata Grande large for example, it will be possible to be able to post extra free spins. They will be able to raise the temperature up to a level of 4.



Slot machine enthusiasts who like to play with colorful and exotic gameplay will be thrilled with the slot machine mobile Aloha Cluster Pays™. In addition, this game which is compatible on computer, mobile and tablet and it is really worth the glance and whatever the connection medium employed.

I enjoyed the theme of Aloha Cluster Pays™ with this statuette that changes accessories and dress in the course of features. The relaxation side is well present with a restful soundtrack in the main game and which is increasingly energized when crossing the feature.

The soundtrack is at its peak at the level of its excitement when acquiring big gains with this volcano that can no longer and that starts spitting magma. The 6 reels, 5 rows and 5 lines have not really displaced me more than that because it is necessary to know that this configuration is a first at 31st of March of 2016 at Netent.

The gameplay is very good at the level of options to earn money. The game presents to the public a good team of features that offer juicy prizes when you venture a little too ready. Free spins promise to shock players in terms of price level knowing that in its entirety, the video slot mobile Aloha Cluster Pays™ displays a redistribution rate on bets of 96.42%!

This is not a record at Netent but this value demonstrates that the Aloha Cluster Pays™ money game is far from long to the relaxation when it comes to distributing tokens. My various demo tests also show that this slot has a good return on the bets engaged in addition to its very pleasing gameplay for the eyes as well as the ears.

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