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Alkemor’s Tower™

We looked forward to it and now the slot machine Alkemor’s Tower™ is finally available whether it is on many online casinos like Mister Vegas but also on the site with a free version with a game mode with normal screen or full screen. Alkemor’s Tower™ is a true artistic masterpiece.

The scenery is sublime and it happens frequently that they leave to issue serious doubts about whether or not we are facing reality. It is the publishers Betsoft Gaming that proudly present this new title to us. This online slot is configured with 5 reels and with 243 opportunities to collect money in bankroll! The developers Betsoft Gaming have marked a great proof of evolution of achievement in relation to the challenge they set themselves by developing the game Alkemor’s Tower™.

The goal is to get closer to the real one with three-dimensional animations and a total implication of the Alkemor’s character who is a slightly unconscious magician of his actions. The game takes place at first on the ground floor of a lunar observatory that is illuminated with the white candle. A magnificent contrast is already to be emphasized with these games of light revealing parts of the graphic charter and plunging others into the most complete darkness. As usual, Betsoft Gaming is very fussy about the details with in addition a solid oak woodwork that lets see beautiful sculptures with gouge.

The polished effect lets see a pleasant touch of brightness on this coating. This is also the case for the two stair ramps located on either side of the game interface. The area where the 5 reels are located is imaged by all kinds of symbols, some of which reinforce the enigmatic side of the 3D Alkemor’s Tower™ video slot.

Wealth is put at the front of the stage with gigantic emeralds, purses joining the ground taking care to release gems or a gold ring set with a jewel of inestimable value. The items are not lacking with the Alkemor’s Tower™ slot machine and the latter evolve during the triggering of features. Regarding this game of chance, this is clearly free spins including two episodes with unique content each time as well as special feature to the number of 4!

Now back to the traces of this sorcerer. Endowed with unsuspected powers, this character has a great need to turn the 5 reels of the game and only players will be able to help him with a range of bets starting from £0.60 and can reach a apogee of £150.00! With more than a magic trick in his pocket, this old gentleman with the grizzled beard has the whole panoply of the right sorcerer.

Dressed in a large pointed hat and a kind of long coat of blue-colored silk with five-pointed stars dotted here and there, this old man will be present to accentuate the dynamism of the game of Alkemor’s Tower™. At first, he will answer this by paginating a grimoire of several centuries containing all kinds of magic formulas from the most amusing to the most terrifying.

A few times, it will go into weightlessness for a few seconds to find the surface of the soil. But where things are going to spoil it is when one of these four special options of Alkemor’s Tower™ will snap. The latter represent elements such as Earth, fire, air and water. When one of these four elements is active, the sorcerer will then be able to use his magic force through the trigger to both transform the screen of the game but also to offer very juicy prizes!

Other than this way of playing with the 5 reels and 243 ways to win, the online game Alkemor’s Tower™ is also ready to free free games that will happen in two very different worlds which for one will be related to the universe and the second to listening to plants…



Alkemor’s Tower™ is a game of chance in 3D Betsoft gaming that offers in terms of features of the so-called special options. Indeed, these four ways of playing are peculiar to Alkemor’s Tower™ that by definition allows it to be unique in its kind. The graphics and sound animations are already doing good work at the level of its demarcation to the other games Betsoft gaming but the special features amplify this with extraordinary staging. In total, there will be four with a grandiose show every time.

These represent elements that are fire, earth, water and air. Each element is represented by a vial that contains its illustration inside. To be activated, its special feature must be present on reel number 3. At the end of the launch two grimoires will have to be present on reels number 1 and 2. This configuration will then awaken the element in question.

Note, if a grimoire appears on reels 4 or 5 or 2, this will significantly increase the chances of making larger profits in the course of the feature. This event of the Great Magic Book on reels 4 and 5 is not obligatory to engage the special feature. This is just a supplement to be taken to amplify its total cash chips at the end of the feature!

Water: The water element will start at the bottom right side of the slot machine with a plentiful flow that will suddenly rise in height by swirling either up to the third row of the online slots. As a result of this elevation and this force, which only demands to be released, all this water will be expelled in the direction of the left, taking care to sweep all the items on the reels.

Some will be replaced by wild icons that activate gains. The sorcerer will protect himself time although badly from this attack that he provoked using his big hat as shield. The slot machine will be completely flooded and the floor completely soaked but strangely the magician will be dry as the sand of the desert.

Fire: The fire will be born from the hands of the magician Alkemor’s. He will concentrate by muttering in his beard a magic formula that will aim to activate a ball of fire. It will hold it on the surface of the palm of her hands without suffering from burns. Then he’ll end up standing over her head. As a result of this show, he will find no better than to project it on the reels of Alkemor’s Tower™. The slot machine will then kiss leaving no chance to the items present. The charred icons will be changed to wilds symbols with lucky winnings at the key!

Air: The air is synonymous with force and this natural element will prove it to us once more when born under the feet of the magician. The air is going to put in pressure to form a terrifying tornado that will have the sole purpose of sending waltz all the representations on the reels with a storm of madness as for Tornado Farm Escape. The items will be violently torn from the game interface. None of them can escape this rule. Following this merciless sweep from the left to the right of several seconds, the illustrations will be replaced immediately by wilds!

Earth: The earth will be the symbol of a meteor shower. The sorcerer will be the creator of this new show by sending them with the help of his powerful arms on the game screen. Some areas will be spared by this catastrophe. The boxes that will not escape the molten projectiles will be automatically substituted for wilds.

The free parts will not be any rest. As we said, Alkemor’s Tower™ is a video slot that offers two worlds with free games. The first proposes to export its players in a botanical garden with hungry carnivorous plants, flowers of harmless appearances but which on the other hand their scent are able to lull their admirers forever. This world can be visited from the moment when 2 Grimoires icons combine with a grimoire icon imprisoned by a giant plant.

In this world of predators ruled by the giant plant, it will be possible to win 10, 12 or 15 free spins. This will differ in relation to the number of element symbols present at this precise moment on the 5 reels of the game. Following this, the magician will go to his botanical garden using an onboard camera. The game will then go into service for free with a number of launches allocated in advance. During this process, the symbols will evolve as we claimed, but the giant plant will be there to take with it all the icons that gravitate around its location of appearance. This will have the effect of revealing hidden prices that will not fail to credit in bankroll.

The second game with free games is configured in the same way as the first level but the Grimoire will have to have a kind of lock in the shape of the sun. The number of free spins will also be up to 15. This way there will be no jealous and jealous. On the other hand what will change is that the sorcerer will go up to the first floor of his lunar observatory from his wooden staircases.

Once at the top, the interface will offer graphics that move closer to the universe with symbols like the Milky Way, the planet Saturn with its countless satellites such as Titan, a red planet or even that fireball that is our sun. During this show which in passing is full of animations in three dimensions, a creature coming from elsewhere will be able to appear as it seems to it on the reels.

When she is there, she will take advantage of it to swallow all the icons caught in her field of gravity. We could almost call it a black hole. These missing icons on various locations of the interface will then be temporarily replaced by random values in tokens that will credit to the bank.



Alkemor’s Tower™ is simply an incredibly well made game with animations Multiple orchestrated with care by this old sorcerer.

The latter reveals little by little his magical powers through natural elements that are to recall fire, air, earth and water. These special features offer an unforgettable online gaming experience with a graphic quality that has never been unveiled until now.

Betsoft Gaming Publishers can be proud of this achievement that will undoubtedly amaze players who love adventure games that take the time to mingle with the fantastic. The free spins are a real treat with a redistribution force of hallucinating gains. I took a little time to achieve this function but after that I understood why. Just because I won a big Win (big payout) of £5820.00 with a picture proof just above this review on the 3D slot Alkemor’s Tower™.

There is really nothing to say about negative compared to this game Betsoft gaming. Personally, it is a great pleasure for me to entertain myself with games of such quality. With this new title, I Really felt a real advancement in the world of online gambling which is promising for the rest of the events.

I must say that I look forward to discovering the next creations of this publisher who deserves the status of talented. Of course, I will be sure to share these free games of money on the Casinos reviews website with extra an objective critique.

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