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A Dragon’s Story™

NextGen Gaming seems to enjoy staging animals derived from the culture of science fiction. Recently, on January 30th of 2016, I had put online a slot machine with no download tracing the peaceful adventures of a dragon.

For the curious his title is A Dragon’s Story™. An online casino game that also offers a very airy graphic chart illustrating carefully a beautiful green meadow. With its gameplay particularly playful, this video slot offers two great features that are wilds as well as free spins.

Today is more accurately on April 13th of 2016, the online gambling publishers of the NextGen gaming brand are putting the same cutlery on the table with A Dragon’s Story™. A game of chance that comes with two protagonists. The one who is at the top of the poster and as we can well doubt with these last lines is a Dragon.

Again, this animal is harmless as is the case in the game universe A Dragon’s Story™. But there is still a condition for this trait of character to persist in time. that of not having the ambition to steal his treasure during his sleep.

Physically, this dragon named Ruff in the gameplay of the slot machine has A Dragon’s Story™™ stands up with the help of his skinny hind legs that support time although his plump belly hurts. Constantly positioned on the right side, he spends most of his time observing the mouth semi-open and concentrating the course of the game through his 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 payment lines.

Visibly in the age of wisdom, this fire-eater has a thick red skin that covers about 80% of his body. The second color that highlights its torso, its worn horns by the years as well as its small wings remains the blue. This is a dragon that may seem to be quiet but its true face will prove during the course of the game and especially during the process of its special feature where juicy prizes will be at win!

The second appearing in the content of the game of a A Dragon’s Story™ is a knight. Well, he doesn’t really have the stature of an old-time fighting man and his awkward gestural makes him a rather humorous.

He has, however, the whole panoply of the good knight to go to fight against the enemy for hours and hours. Rather coward on the edges because I must admit, this Iron Man is equipped with a armor of several kilos, a sword, a helmet of protection and a rib of mesh. Once in a while, he will try to get smarter than the others by lowering and lifting the protective visor from his full helmet.

An attitude that every attempt will prove to be in vain in the face of the dragon. He will instead be taken for the king of the buffoons by the old dragon who will not be able to stop mocking him before he returns the fire to his buttocks in his castle lost in the middle of the woods neighbors.

This pseudo knight is called in the slot A Dragon Story™ Sir William and his goal is to go looking and of course alone of a huge treasure. He is aware that the latter is kept by a dragon but he does not really know where is the exact place where is hidden this loot.

A richness beyond the mind where precious stones, objects of great values and gold pieces are in perfect harmony to form thick rugs. The graphic chart presents a background that strongly suggests that we are in a very remote place in the wilderness and especially far from the looks. At the outset, the slot machine has A Dragon’s Story™ launches a unique challenge to its players which is the Next.

Protect the treasure of Ruff (dragon) against the bold Sir William to win a lot!

There is no real need for more explanations to understand that the online game has A Dragon’s Story™ reserves beautiful features revolving around this challenge. Other than this visual aspect and this little phrase that leaves pensive, the silver game has A Dragon’s Story™ offers a fairly large range of bets that spans between £0.25 and £50.00.

As I had specified at the beginning of the table of earnings, A Dragon’s Story™ is a video slot machine that is built with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 payment lines. As for its lines, the latter will not be able to be activated manually, which therefore forces them to be activated constantly during the different episodes of the game. Only one adjustment point is made available and these are denomination values based between the £0.01 indexes up to £0.25.



NextGen Gaming is quite reputed in the online gambling industry to offer as a recurring feature but so effective to make money in the long run this famous Super bet. As for a Dragon Story™, this option is available with and as always a unique way to stand between each gameplay of slot machines.

On this mat of gold coins rests the interface of the game and under its 5 reels are present green junior dragons. By default, the Super bet of A Dragon’s Story™ is not activated but it does not prevent to be able to play with a little dragon that is at the foot of the central reel.

By pressing the button of the Super bet which is located at the bottom right of the screen, this allows to activate its first position and to release by this occasion 2 new dragons that will hurry to place underneath the reels 2 and 4.

A small staging is to appreciate when activating them with besides these animals of pure fiction that comes out underneath this big pile of solid gold coins. The second position is the last of the Super Bet offers an opportunity to be able to release another 2 new dragons.

They will be placed under the orphaned coils of dragons either the first and the fifth. Of course, this configuration provides important benefits to increase these chances of collecting new parts. So it generates a level of bet that evolves upward. The higher the number of positions is activated with the Super bet and the more the commitment request at the initial bet before making a spin is consistent. Of course, the game configuration has A Dragon’s Story™ remains fair to 100% between the 2 parts (players and the slot machine).


In the previous paragraph, I have just explained the principle of featuring Super bet feature. This option to amplify these chances of winning forms a duet with the second feature that I will state in this new paragraph.

The junior Dragons located at the foot of each reel allow them to be boosted. Yes effect because when of the end of each spin, these little animals will benefit when they feel the need to spit a fireball on the height of their respective reel. This will have good repercussions in the gameplay of A Dragon Story™ because the icons affected by the fire will turn into icons Wilds.

Are simple jokers that will provide a certain way to significantly improve the probabilities to earn profit. A second form of wild can also be involved in the game. It is very easily identifiable in the middle of the 5 reels of the slot machine A Dragon Story™ because it is illustrated by the head of the old red dragon.

The role of this second replacement icon will be identical to that which is represented by the green dragons. However, the wild dragon red icon will take advantage of its presence on the reels to release lots of chips. To the maximum or by pointing 5 times on the interface, this icon will be able to offer 2000 tokens.


Free spins can be born at every moment of the game and they will double all the prizes they cause.

The only condition for this aspect of the game to come alive during these 10 free spins will depend on the presence of scatter icons on the video slot machine reels.

These icons that symbolize the entrance door of the free spins of this video slot are represented by a jewel with magical virtues. When 3 of these symbols will show up anywhere on the 5 reels of the game then the free spins will be able to enter into action. The interface is not going to know any big changes in its appearance but the little dragons will still add their grain of sel.

They will have the power to come squarely kissing the 5 reels on boosted the game. A way for them to spawn a significant amount of jokers because the general idea of the multiple actions of these allies is to significantly increase the level of pay power of the slot machine in three dimensions.

As with the example of wilds driven by the red dragon, the scatters will be able to deliver token packs. To the maximum either by showing 5 times on the screen, scatters items will certainly offer up to 2500 coins.


Let’s go back to the introduction of this table of earnings of the slot online has A Dragon’s Story™ to refresh our memory. I had talked about a challenge set by the game from the beginning. A challenge that is to protect the treasure of Ruff the centennial dragon costs.

In exchange for what big profits to the key! It is the special feature (Reckless Bonus Sir William) that will arrange to open the ball. No symbol, no minimum bet, can be accessed. This option can open at the end of each spin which allows it to activate in the game completely random.

When this special feature is put into operation, the knight William will present himself in front of the dragon with a menacing air. With his sword of fortune, he will try to dissuade him so that he will bequeath his treasure to him. Not a fraction of his fortune but all well sure.

An unthinkable thing for this dragon and to answer him frankly he will expel him from his lair by spitting fire on it. But it is the players who will allow this cinematography to continue by choosing inside a flaming circle 1 of the 3 flames present in the center of it.

There is a blue, an orange and a purple. Once the choice is validated through a mouse pressure, the small scenario will continue. The dragon will fetch a maximum of force at the bottom of his throat to send a sheaf of fire of the color chosen beforehand on this picturesque knight.

The latter will have fire to the foot and his back will be only flame. To try to turn it off and in a climate soaked in humor, he put himself to twirl like a tornado in the middle of the golden carpet. This will have no positive effect but make it worse.

On the other hand, coins will suddenly be expelled from the huge heap where all the riches of the red dragon rest. Under the influence of weightlessness, these small rooms at prize invaluable will come to lodge in the cashier of the players.



For this new title, NextGen has really put the package! The graphics are generally of exceptional quality. The protagonists are in perfect harmony with the elements of the decorations. The finishes are remarkable and supported by multiple touches of humor.

A Dragon Story™ is a particularly playful slot machine that offers excellent gameplay with highly profitable features. The generosity is particularly large during the free spins session where 10 spins start with the Super bet activated and those junior dragons who add a layer to be sure that the prices will be at the appointment.

I loved discovering the graphic content of the special feature with this knight sure of him but showing signs of blatant weakness in the face of this imposing dragon that is literally folded in half when he sends columns of fire and he starts to running in every direction.

In addition, the winnings are well present with an original way of crediting them in cash. A Dragon Story™ is in my opinion a 25-lines silver game that needs to be discovered by players who love the contact with animals encompassed by these atmospheres of science fiction that combine adventure and humor.

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