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A Christmas Carol™

Presentation of this new masterpiece signed by the hand of Betsoft Gaming. A company renowned throughout the world of IGaming to offer their partners games of an extraordinary quality.

This is a first for this editor. Betsoft Gaming has put its hand to the pulp to develop a powerful 3-dimensional casino game on the theme of Christmas! In order not to do the thing halfway, they are inspired by the Christmas tale of A Christmas Carol™ written in the pen and then published shortly thereafter in 1843. A book that has been very successful with readers. This episode allowed this book to appear at the time among the most famous tales of the author Charles Dickens.

The company Betsoft Gaming has then risen to the challenge of staging this story through a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines. A highly successful challenge filled with as main character Scrooge. A protagonist at the end of life that we can describe as cold and particularly stingy towards all the people he meets. In addition, this character qualifies the Christmas party as a pure scam.

The story of A Christmas Carol™ take place in the tavern of this old gentleman who prefers to warm up with a simple blanket and light up the candle story not to overinflate the electricity bill. Yes, we are at that level of greed. The latter stands in his living room where the ambient temperature is close to 8 °. Sitting comfortably in his couch and holding a candle in his hand, Scrooge will be there to contemplate the interface of the slot machine. The latter is located in one of the corners of the room as if it were a screen of television.

Side interface for the players, they will have the deep sense of being seated at the side of the main character while observing the series of actions emitted by the game. The graphic coverage of the video slot A Christmas Carol™ really deserves a peek before embarking on the adventure. Some frames of great values dominate this wall that we can see partially because in reality the onboard camera lets see a corner of the room. Behind the translucent interface of the online game A Christmas Carol™ is concealed a large window that lets see a magnificent spectacle with relaxing atmospheres. The houses of the neighborhood are illuminated from the inside, large snowflakes are left to be carried by weightlessness, snow rests on the dials of windows…

A Christmas Carol™ is a three-dimensional slot that offers the opportunity to play sums of money that are between £0.02 and £125.00. A range of bets that we can judge correct and that will have good taste to meet all the players who have a preference for the slot machine. In order to vary a bet between the scale I just quoted, two adjustment points can be changed. These concentrate on denomination values as well as the values of coins.

A Christmas Carol™ is a complete online casino game at the level of its graphic design and it offers a relatively flexible betting choice. A good opportunity to allow players to maintain a possible strategy in the game but also so that the developers of the brand are certain to meet all types of budgets. This is one of the great quality of the publisher Betsoft Gaming. Available in mobile version and tablet, A Christmas Carol™ is a game that offers new features compared to everything we have been able to discover so far (14th of December of 2015) will be available every moment a duo of free launches, wilds orchestrated by a special feature and a rich opportunity to seize a fixed jackpot with a value of 513 000 credits!


The first 3 features I’ll describe in detail have one point in common. The one to trace life of Scrooge in relation to his physical evolution. It is represented by transparent ghosts and different colors. They will aim to offer a new way to win tokens by taking advantage of their presence to energize the game and terrorize the person Scrooge in flesh and blood that stands in his couch.


Let’s start this enumeration by the Past Christmas throws. This icon is represented by Scrooge’s face when he was a teenager. The angry hair with the smiling lip and the curious look holding a candle at the main.

This colored symbol to a large extent by orange and yellow will offer Free spins! To be able to arrive at this stage of the game, it will be asked to collect at least and anywhere on the interface this item 3 times in a row. By default, the feature will be able to count 3 free launches knowing that it will be very possible to acquire a larger number of 12 with 5 representations of this kind. During this feature, it will not be impossible to accumulate other free spins from the moment a new Christmas icon past makes its apparition.


The present Christmas is symbolized by Scrooge’s face with a wall age that corresponds to the current time. A colorful icon full of green that draws a man bent forward with a Panama style hat and supporting a suspicious look and calculator.

By getting 3 times this item on the 5 reels of the slot machine, this will give birth to a slew of wilds to allow the video slots to activate at the highest level its redistribution force. All ghosts that come out of nowhere on the interface will be automatically turned into icons Wilds! A feature of the game A Christmas Carol™ which in part my experience offers good graphic content with high probability to collect prize.

Wilds icons are represented by a Christmas turkey that has just come out of the oven. There is no one that is appetizing because the prices that flow from it are also! To the maximum, this feature will be able to offer 2400 coins in case it points the tip of its nose 5 times on the screen.


It is now time to arrive at the last stage of life of Scrooge who is marked by the face of old age. Colored with blue, this symbol depicted Scrooge’s thin face wearing a hood on his head. This veil tries so hard to conceal a stern baldness.

A few strands of greying hair descend along its hollow cheeks caused in part by a lack of teeth. The nose hooked and the pointed chin, he raises his skeletal hand holding the index pointed out as if to make it clear that it is clearly a sign Warning. This icon in the name of Christmas Future has the same features as the Past Christmas icon. Its goal is to offer free spins up to 12 and to take advantage of its presence to prolong the pleasure with free additional spins.



Personally, I find that the video slot A Christmas Carol™ is a good casino game in line. On the one hand, this is the first time that Betsoft Gaming developers have stepped up to create a game of money on the theme of Christmas.

In previous years, the firm probably had other priorities before taking an interest in it. Today, on December 14th of 2015, this course has just been crossed and I can say that considerable efforts have been made once again to develop a game of this magnitude. On the other hand, the staging of the character Scrooge is of great realism with these ghosts who are only the reflection of his personality and who take a mischievous pleasure in traumatizing him. The playful side is at the appointment with actions that offer comic content that have given me for my part the desire to progress in the content of features.

A Christmas Carol™ is a 5-reels online casino game that offers very original features. They have a deep advantage that is to mix with the elements of the set making it possible to create a game of the most complete in terms of realism. As for the whimsical game Alkemor’s Tower, the additional options to increase these profits are in sufficient numbers with a redistribution of earnings which is most exemplary. From my opinion, I enjoyed the game of chance A Christmas Carol™ that is worth it to find itself in the favorite games Betsoft gaming of the Avis Casinos site.

To conclude, this 25-lines slot machine deserves all its attention. Players who connect to it will be sure to experience an unforgettable game. This is the mission of Betsoft Gaming.

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