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7 Sins™ is a game that appears in the category of slots of 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to earn money from Play’n GO. A company of production of online casino games of Swedish origin that loves to surprise following every online of its masterpieces. Themes that have the advantage of distinguishing themselves in relation to each other by offering to each service an environment well specific.

Today is the 29th of November 2016, Play’n GO intrudes into the Catholic religion by representing to a certain extent dynamism equipped with games of colors dominated by the black the 7 deadly sins. The dominant sin that at its head is the sole responsible for the succession of sins where the principal vices are the Acedy (laziness), the Pride, the Lust, the avarice, the gluttony, the wrath and the Envy. 7 Sins™ is thus inspired by his immorality of the common mortals identified by Thomas Aquinas who was a religious who had lived during the 13th century following the terrible torments leading to the death of Jesus Christ.

As soon as its first moments of activity, the slot machine 7 Sins™ plunges its audience in a strange climate that does not attract frankly confidence. The soundtrack only reinforces this feeling of insecurity that reigns in master and offers very few clues to know the true nature of this place.

Heartbeats are very often manifested by having this address to be heard beyond the power of the General soundtrack. Heart rhythms that take over and sometimes intensify to mark the sudden entry into one of the features of 7 Sins™.

The background of the video slot 7 Sins™ is inhabited relentlessly by what one might call purple smoke that has the gift of moving incessantly in a sort of endless tunnel. The background leaves no clue fragment behind it in order to give players a chance to understand where they put the feet.

The game 7 Sins™ rest a great mystery but has a good know-how to reveal himself little by little to the public. The only indicator remains these heartbeats that have the talent to stir up our imagination by thinking that the game is immersed in blood and that it is still in these deep thoughts in a main artery not far from the heart.

More concretely, the online casino game 7 Sins™ reveals itself much better to its audience when one is interested in more ready to the dressing of its 5 reels. Wheels that support the weight of many illustrations that are clearly identifiable by ravishing young women.

Attractive creatures that during the first encounter will prove to be particularly enigmatic. It is the whole side of the slot 7 Sins™ that counts on its strengths to reveal itself gradually to its spectators using the irresistible charm of these ladies who stand for each of her in a very precise posture accompanied by a unique gesture and a common taste to wear elegant dresses vintage.

These young women are 7 and to make a clear approximation with the beginning of this introduction of the table of gains of 7 sins™, we can deduce without great reflection that each female protagonist has the principle to reflect one of the 7 capital sins.

For film buffs who would like to see in pictures the reflection of laziness, from envy, anger, gluttony, lust, pride or greed, I invite them to watch the feature film in the title of Seven, whose Director is David Fincher.

A Film belonging to the police genre, thriller who went out to the cinema on January 31st , of 1996 and directed by the actors Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow. A production that received 3 awards including 1 nomination at the Oscar Academy Awards in 1996, a second at the BAFTA Awards/Orange British Academy Film Awards and a third nomination at Festival in San Sebastian in 2011.

To return to the slot machine 7 Sins™, the latter has a relatively loaded gameplay that will make in the vast majority of cases the happiness of the players. The evolution in the game of 7 Sins will soon be felt with this ability to redistribute money up to 96%.

This hand signed game of Play’n GO is able to offer not 1 but 2 versions wilds (whose first is simple impact on a single box) and the second expandable (colonizes the whole height of a coil), free spins , a special feature (second chance) powered by an option Click Me and to finish explosive earning multipliers at all levels (x1112)!

What to spend a good time in the company of this slot machine 7 Sins™ that lets think that there will be action and this is indeed the case. The moments of rest in the gameplay of 7 Sins™ will be very rare which is not a bad thing but before putting into action the 5 reels of the slot machine 7 Sins™, the latter will leave the choice of flaming money between £0.20 and £100.00.

A relatively correct betting range for a Play’n GB video slot where only denomination values between £0.20 and £100.00 will allow you to influence the total bet value just before starting the 5 reels of the game.



Start enumerating the game options of the mobile slot machine 7 Sins™ by its wildcard icons. Representations that have the art of having more than one trick in their bag to serve on a silver platter a crowd of tokens.

In all cases which go in a short time to be presented, these are all identifiable by the figure 7. Illustrations that seem to have come straight from the underworld to see their red-colored fire and their little devil horns that they exhibit on their summit.

In the gameplay of 7 Sins™, the wilds will be able to present themselves in a simple way with a single 7 or double with logically an illustration that image a duo of 7. This second performance will be a major force in substituting all the so-called normal icons in the game with the exception of Scatters.

In the best case, the double 7 will be able to form a series of 7 which to make simple will have as a principle to complete a whole row of symbols in 7 then offering a unique staging with probabilities of gain review at the rise.


We just alluded to scatters and now we are. The scatters are icons that will allow players to win free spins which to add a logical sequel to the theme of the game 7 Sins will be to the number of 7.

Unfortunately, the configuration of 7 Sins™ does not offer the opportunity to activate other free spins along the way but the action series will not fail the landscape to enter deeply into the theme of the game. Each sin will succeed with of course the presence of every young woman who as specified in the introduction of this table of earnings correspond to a defect according to the values of religion Catholic.

Has well-worked scenarios that will leave the central roller all its capacities to transmit a maximum of coins, leaving in turn the place to these damsels in the form of a wild expandable frozen during the time of free spin. Each free spin will be accompanied by a scalable earning multiplier based between x1 and x7.

While we are in the process of looking at the multiplication power of the game of online casino 7 Sins™, it must be known that the latter is in full capacity to be able to multiply up to x1112 the implementation!

To have access to the free spins of 7 Sins™, it will absolutely be necessary to get anywhere on the screen a gold chest letting see as a decoration the face of a demon having a mouth wide open as if he wanted to aspire something as the soul of someone to ultimately imprison him at all never.

Sometimes, the game will only show 2 scatters on the screen which is problematic since the configuration of the slot machine formally needs 3 scatters to launch the 7 free spins so promised to the public. But it is just at this moment of the game that the special feature with the evocative name of second chance will take over to try to transport the players in this famous free sequence.

When 2 scatters will show up on the screen, a second page will quickly open putting on the front of the scene the 7 women. This is when the game will ask to make a quick choice by selecting one of these 7 creatures.

This will have the immediate effect of revealing in the best cases of figure a random winning multiplier that can reach x15 or a third scatter allowing to evolve in the featuring of the free towers.

On the other hand, bad luck will also be at the appointment by marking a red cross concealed behind the silhouette of one of these 7 young women. Let’s add that there is 1 chance on 7 to lose during this second feature chance.



Despite its rather cold side during the first moments of play, 7 Sins™ is a video slot that features of all the merits to be explored from the ground up. indeed because its gameplay is full of ways to play with features addictive allowing to earn considerable sums of money in a relatively short playing time short.

Its theoretical redistribution rate for players who proudly shows up with an index of 96% speaks already on his own. When you are interested in lending to the features present, you can quickly see that most are in good hands with this quasi-permanent presence of prize multipliers who are doing a redistribution job remarkable.

The most important of them is to x1112 and I must say that this value is extremely rare in the gameplay of the other slot machines of the brand Play’n GO. This observation is also active in the competition of this talented editor.

7 Sins™ is a game of money that we can rank without hesitation in the game industry with a comfortable compensation index. From the point of view of its graphics, Play’n GO focused on the presentation of young women in such a way that it is them and not other elements of the set that are put in value.

This explains clearly this summary background that lets think of blood as explained in the introduction. After that only remains my personal opinion knowing that we can think quite about something else.

To conclude this opinion and this scale of earnings, I can say without restraint that the mobile slot machine 7 Sins™ and a game that caters to players who love the games to the mysterious atmospheres which are revealed little by little when progressing in the adventures of features.

A variant Play’n GO which in my opinion has a good source of remuneration and a certain flexibility to merge its playful side with its rather obscure and unpredictable atmosphere.

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