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Following the masterpiece of the evocative title of a Christmas Carol that had particularly helped us to overcome the great waves of cold that we had been able to know in certain regions of France last winter, Betsoft Gaming we Presents his latest game on behalf of 4 Seasons™!

Is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 pay lines that has a good and enjoyable gameplay to amaze and surprise its audience with its graphic design that makes it unique in its genre. This is clearly an exceptional slot machine if we compare 4 Seasons™ with other online casino games from the Betsoft Gaming collection but also face other online gambling designers. This video slot produced in the studios of Betsoft Gaming is projected in the future by proposing to its players to go through the 4 Seasons™ (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) which form as we all know the cycle of a Year.

The upcoming events will not be predicted as is the case for Gypsy Rose but each rotation will also allow the days to elapse from hour to hour, then to weeks, to months what will progress quickly in the timetable and in order to go through a whole year! As a result, the background graphics would be a radical evolution in their respective design in order to significantly image the unique characteristics of each season.

4 Seasons™ takes place in an unknown location in Asia. Some physical clues prove this with the great red maples of Japan, these Chinese lanterns hanging here and there on the branches of these trees, which act as decoration of day and night with the glow of a candle concealed inside. As usual, the publishers of Betsoft Gaming take a crazy care to offer graphics worthy of this name.

For example, for the autumn period the landscape is largely formed by dwarf mountains. These are literally welded together to create a natural belt that aims to protect from the weather a sacred temple that has been sitting there for several hundred years. To add life and especially a continuous movement so as not to be confronted with frozen graphic elements because the places are at first sight deserted by men, waterfalls of water gush from the tops of these many hills.

Several carpets of Japanese maple leaves rest on this soil of smooth stones where some puddles are spawned a place of birth by welcoming again and again these raindrops caused by showers endless.

This rainy weather never ceases to be noticed with this cold and unpredictable wind which takes a mischievous pleasure to sweep from right to left those leaves of tree that wait only to be washed away by these spills of water at multiple passages. That being said, the atmosphere released by the autumn season is particularly pleasant to visualize with this orange sky that added a good touch of charm by offering to this landscape an atmosphere particularly casual.

With 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 fixed payment lines, the 4 Seasons™ video slot machine offers a good range of features. There is enough to satisfy a good percentage of users with a wheel of fortune, earning multipliers ranging from x2 up to x10, a special feature (winning combos blocks) aiming to create a stack of symbols, wilds, free parts influenced by Ying and Yang and finally a fixed jackpot of £250 000 !

To open the door to these features, the interface of 4 Seasons™ consists essentially of animals that strangely not nothing alive. They are represented in the form of fluff and they are accompanied for each of them by a Chinese letter adding there an additional degree of intrigue to the game. 4 Seasons™ is a game that opens to all types of players by giving a minimum bet from £0.01 for an increase that can go up to a maximum limit (Bet Max) of £150.

Users will be able to easily manipulate their betting levels with a host of options. For example, the choice to select a denomination value (from £0.02 to £1.00), coin per line (1-5), or play with comfort features like an automatic game, a Bet Max button and more still!



4 Seasons™ is a game of chance that has a feature that is unique to it. A strong point that gives him the advantage of proposing a new way to collect tokens while remaining in a playful atmosphere. It is clearly a wheel of fortune or even called the wheel of fortune. This is located in the bottom-left corner of the interface, and will not change the position in the main game, during triggering, or during activation and process of a feature neighbor.

Its operation is quite simple to understand. Visually, this wheel of fortune is split into 12 parts. By logic, these represent for each of them a very specific month of the year. A group of 3 fractions pictures a season because as we can understand it now the goal of the game is to cross the seasons that form a year. The principle being to change universes at the level of the decorations while collecting more and more of money!

This Wheel of Fortune consists of earning multipliers. They are placed on the dominating fractions (above) of the wheel and are accompanied by a small cloth animal. There is a piglet (x5), a little tiger (x10) and a kid (x5). Every 30 rotations, the wheel of Fortune will have the freedom to turn. This feature will have the effect of giving the wheel the opportunity to place its cursor on another animal species that I have just quoted and thus offer new ways to carry out profits!

The animals present on the interface of the game will suddenly take over magical powers that will allow them to change into gold or money! It is then that multiplication indices will mingle with the victories to increase the rate of chips potentially Winner! To know the number of days spent, a measuring gauge of green color is present at the feet of the wheel of fortune.

On the other hand, to progress in the calendar and therefore change the season, it will be required to achieve at least 90 rotations. In this case, the interface will change face but not only. The animals that I call cute and charming will disappear from the traffic to let others discover just as nice and soothing. They will also follow the path of generosity with the added benefit of offering other ways to play and achieve the major goal that is to emerge victorious most frequently as possible!


4 Seasons™ in more than one turn in his Bag! As a companion for this famous Wheel of Fortune, a second special option will be Join the party to literally blow up the safe of the video slot! Yes and I weigh my words with this special option which is called the winning Combos Block.

In plain, these are special symbols which as for the game Spiñata large have the power to dominate large spaces either 2 complete reels at least. by doing so, this feature of the 4 Seasons™ game opens up a certain access to the multiplication factors very juicy!

To be precise about this, 2 rolls operate a multiplier of x2, for 3 x3, 4 x5 and for all reels an advantage of x10! All profits made during this function which is designed to stack symbols will be multiplied by the activated index. On the other hand, wild prices will not be taken into account in calculating the earnings.

Despite the lack of participation in the profits created by the jokers, the special feature winning Combos blocks promises to offer a veritable firework in the animations it will generate but also in relation to its power of redistribution that by gaming experience is huge!

The wilds will also be part! I have to say they do a good job with the online slot 4 Seasons™! These are able to position themselves in several places on the reels and rows at the end of a rotation. This is already an important point because with this caracteristics, they already promise frequent wins with as second asset to substitute all the icons of 4 Seasons™ apart from the scatters that give access to free spins.

In addition to working hard to form pay lines, the wilds will give a lot of a weight of 10 000 chips in case they have all their means to show the tip of their nose 5 times in a row. Symbolized by a cat in the shape of a miniature statuette, the wild will have great probabilities to wreak when it is motivated to manifest itself on the 5 reels of the video slot.


The last feature of 4 Seasons™ refers to free spins. Free spins to make it simpler that are illustrated by the symbol of Ying and Yang.

The cold, the negative or the inactivity rests on the Ying while the Yang is its perfect opposite with the hot, the positive and the activity. 4 Seasons™ is a fairly generous online game as it is conceivable to be able to play with 20 free games in the case where this yellow and white ball is presented 5 times on the coils!

To the minimum, either by presenting 3 times, players will already be entertained free with 8 free spins which is far from ridiculous. In addition, all the features of the game will be active. This will make it possible to gather all the chances to the players so that they are able to fall nose to nose with Lady Victory! And if the latter is really on its good days, it will be possible at any time to win additional free spins in order to prolong the pleasure!



J’aiI loved playing with 4 Seasons™. A video slot machine that has a whole bunch of features and that offers an incredible gaming experience with this modern time wheel of fortune and this special feature that consists of stacking icons to win more and more!

I also appreciated the fact that 4 Seasons™ offers an interface of progressive game allowing to travel from season to season. It is worth a good touch of originality while preserving the playful side of the game.

With this Asian-style sound as is the case for Koi Princess, 4 Seasons™ offers a wide range of features. An advantage and not least that allows players to explore the game more while having fun and discovering new ways to collect coins.

With its most exemplary redistribution rate and its double up function which is activated at every freshly won prize, the game of Silver 4 Seasons™ really has nothing to envy to the other slot machines of the moment (17th of February of 2016). Available in free version and with no download on the site, 4 Seasons™ is a video slot machine that I recommend to the greatest number of players.

On the one hand for its graphic quality in three dimensions and other parts for these new options that add new if I can say in the way of playing. 4 Seasons™ is a game that offers a most active user experience. A slot in 3D Betsoft gaming that appears in the favorite game section of this editor fame.

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