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4 Lucky Pin-ups™

The provider Spinomenal brings us its new 5-reels, 3-rows, 20-lines slot machine called 4 Lucky Pin-ups™ with beautiful young women on a beach in a 60s-era atmosphere. The dominant objective is to have a good time with special symbols (bonus symbol, wild symbol, free spins symbol) and special features (extra wilds, payout multipliers) to take us earlier than expected on vacation! You can’t help it.

Four friends Octavia, Jessica, Emma and Hilly have just completed the final exams at law school. They decide to leave on the weekend before returning to full fitness to start their summer job. They go to work in a beach bar but the first thing they will do is first de-stress a little because the year was quite difficult!

They have prepared everything for their trip because they will go very close to where they are going to work, so you have to have everything under control. They are not going to do hundreds of kilometres because it is too expensive and they would be completely down to start working. The trip is not going to be without incidents but only small setbacks that would delay them a little.

Indeed, they had punctured one of the tires of their last Chevrolet model that Octavia’s father had bought from her, but none of them had changed a tire in their lives. That’s when a police patrol car passes. Seeing them as annoyed the agent immediately offers to help them while they tell him about their adventures.

Joss, the police officer, also offered to get ahead of them and show them the way, there was not much left until the end of the trip. In addition, one of them, the brunette who wore a blue skirt with white polka dots (a paid symbol of 4 Lucky Pin-ups™) had pleased him and he had a group of friends who would also be delighted to know them. So they meet in the evening to go for a drink.

The girls were all excited about their meeting. But soon they had to go and enjoy this beautiful weather to go for a swim and sunbathe. The sea was turquoise blue, the white and fine sand and the sun shone with a strong intensity: the day was wonderful and the evening even better. Long live to the holidays!

Features of 4 Lucky Pin-ups™:


The game 4 Lucky Pin-ups™ count with three special symbols: the bonus symbol, the wild symbol and the free spins symbol. While the reels are spinning 1 or more bonus symbols can appear on the screen and offer an immediate win.

Wilds count sets up like any symbol except the free spins symbol and the bonus symbol. 5 wild symbols on a pay line will give the bet x120. 3 or more free spin symbols will automatically trigger free spins. You will have to choose one of the four girls and it will be the only symbol that will be stacked taking the free spins.

3 free spin symbols will reward 20 free spins. If we have 4 symbols free spin sound will give us 40 free spins and for 5 symbols free spin its will have the right to 60 free spins. You can only win your free spins in the basic game and they won’t be able to be re-triggered.

Special features are extra wilds and the winning multiplier. Let’s first look at the extra wilds when the reels are still spinning 4 to 8 wild symbols can appear on the slot and amplify the chances of winning.

On the other hand, while the 4 Lucky Pin-ups reels™ turn a winning multiplier can appear and apply a multiplier on the winning line winnings. They can be x2, x3, x4 or x5 and only in the main game.

Opinion about 4 Lucky Pin-ups™:

The provider Spinomenal has just offered us its new 5-reels, 3-rows, 20-lines slot machine that wants to take us off with beautiful girls on a beautiful 1960s beach. Special symbols (bonus symbol, wild symbol, free spins symbol) and special features (extra wilds, payout multipliers) are entitled to special symbols.

A swing-like music that will accompany us throughout our adventure with its four friendly girls who only want our happiness! The interface is very well made and it comes to announce us well in the beginning time: summer! With girls dressed in swimsuits and styled like the 60’s each with a special accessory (bath towel, umbrella, cocktail and ukulele) that will serve to differentiate them.

The game 4 Lucky Pin-ups™ also has a location at the top right to be able to try the features, the winnings, etc… (win, instant win, free spins, loss, win x3, snapshot x4, big x5 and epic win). For all this the winnings we will get will go directly to our bankroll. We can make it grow in plain sight and especially test the features to be able to go to real mode being more sure of us.

Coin values range from 0.01 to €10, bets will range from 0.20 to €200, staggered enough to please all types of players. Basically, this is what all online casino provider is looking for. To be able to please all possible players without neglecting any game. There is so much competition that if the players lack something they will go pretty quickly to look elsewhere.

To sum up a bit, the slot 4 Lucky Pin-ups™ is pretty good even if there aren’t too many features or jackpots, volatility is average to high which is very good for players. They don’t have to wait too long for feature and as I said above you can test them apart. There is no indication of the return to the player, but this is quite normal in Spinomenal. Good luck, I’ll let you test it for yourself!

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