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4 Horsemen™

Inside this slot machine without download 4 Horsemen™, the Spinomenal software will plunge us into the deepest darkness for a trip to the underworld with as protagonists the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse! Mega symbols, stacked wilds, a bonus game, wilds symbols, free spins, a surprise box will promote the approach of the dark world and especially the award of prizes!

The horsemen of the Apocalypse may seem enigmatic and terrifying, but there is no reason to consider them that way. The Bible and events allow us to clearly determine what each rider represents. Even if their ride announces misfortunes on Earth it may be another way for others.

The horseman on the white horse symbolizes power and victory, he has a bow to go conquer the world and will be called conquest. The horseman on the red horse will be synonymous with blood and violence, endowed with a great sword, brings conflict between peoples and symbolizes war.

The rider on the black horse symbolizes the lack with his scale. It will bring the sterility of the land and the slimming of the beasts and the men, it is the famine. The horseman on the pale horse will personify fear with his Scythe and bring the disease to end any form of life on the Earth of men.

The interpretation of the Bible is very varied, and some see precise allusions to series of historical events given, plagues, wars, famines, epidemics… For believers everything has an explanation and they come to find it in the Bible.

Features 4 Horsemen™:


The video slot HTLM5 4 Horsemen™ will make us cross the world of darkness with five features that will make us discover the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse and the prizes that we will be entitled if we are lucky. The mega symbols, the stacked wilds, the free spins, the wilds, the bonus game and the surprise box will accompany us as far as possible to form winning combinations.

The mega symbols, that is to say all the average symbols the yellow horseman, the turquoise and the red have a symbol that will have a 2×2 or 3×3 version and that will be only on reels 2 to 4. They will make it possible to have mega winnings.

Stacked wilds are wilds that when the reels rotate they can appear on reels 1 and/or 5 and increase the chance to win. This feature will only appear in the main game.

The bonus game will be triggered as the reels rotate and 1 or more bonus symbol appears on the screen and collects an immediate win. The bonus game feature can only be activated in the main game. It is a box that happens randomly and has question marks inside and when they discover you will automatically see the win.

The symbols wilds represented by the dark riders or by the word wild can substitute any symbol except the symbol the items of the free spins and the bonus symbol. 5 wilds symbols on a winning line we can harvest 150 times the bet.

A free spin symbol on reel 1 and a free spin symbol on reel 5 will automatically trigger 10 free spins but will only appear in the base game.

The feature of the surprise box will be activated during free spins. We have to look at the prize box. With each round one can be rewarded by either a win multiplier or extra free spins. You have to be very attentive because the reward can be grandiose!

All the features of the game 4 Horsemen™ can be tried with a leaflet called features. We have them all (mega symbols, stacked wilds, bonus game, free spins, the feature of the prize box) and we can see also the normal winnings and the super winnings. It’s very well done to try out the features plus the winnings that we get will go directly to our bankroll.

Opinion about 4 Horsemen™:

In the slot machine without download 4 Horsemen™ the provider Spinomenal will lead us to the depths of darkness for a journey to the underworld with the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. Mega symbols, stacked wilds, a bonus game, wilds symbols, free spins, a surprise box that will reveal a part of the dark world by offering us many prizes!

An obscure interface with the riders of the Apocalypse (conquest, war, famine, and death) very well done but I’m not sure that it pleases all players because the theme is not favorites. However, the Spinomenal provider has used great means to be sure to climb to the top of the success and it will certainly get there.

A remarkable originality is that of having to try the feature without triggering them in the game. Only by clicking on the feature window can you try them one by one. What’s great is that in fun mode the winnings you get by trying them go straight to our bankroll. Pretty nice!

Bets range from 0.01 to €10 that make us bets ranging from 0.3 to €300. There are still a lot of choices. A large number of players will be able to feel identified, as this range of betting will contain a lot of players. It is very important for a virtual casino provider to have the choice and thus not have to change the game Spinomenal.

The graphics are impressive and the soundtrack out of a terror film go to union. In the gameplay of the game 4 Horsemen™, absolutely everything is very black and grey except neon color touches that bring out the demons. When there are win also the fire is the dominant color that brings a little light that contrasts with the darkness! The Spinomenal provider promises to give birth to a cardboard in the eyes of its success with the release of slot 4 Horsemen™ leading with certainty in a dizzy descent to the underworld!

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