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3888 Ways of the Dragon™

The Isoftbet provider brings us its new mobile slot machine called 3888 Ways of the Dragon™. Taken under the theme of dragons and Chinese amulets, this game plays the originality card when distributing reels, on a base of 4 reels and 6 rows, with a reel of 3 symbols on the left. Two features: the Dragon spins and the Free spins that will try to increase our bankroll.

Ming Shu a young Chinese peasant is in love with Princess JingMing. The king has made say throughout the kingdom that the palace presents all the suitors of the princess. They will have to spend a lot of tests to be able to claim the hand of JingMing. Many young people show up at the castle and Ming Shu too: he had to try to win his trials to be able to marry his beloved.

The young suitors of the princess had to look for four objects: A lucky frog, the golden tortoise, the oval ingot that preserves fortune, and the red lantern that represents health (as can be seen in the game of chance 3888 Ways of the Dragon™). All this is hidden throughout the kingdom and to be able to find them it will first have to answer puzzles. The king didn’t want it to be too easy for the suitors.

To bring him luck his mother had made him a dragon costume, which she had sewn herself with magic yarn. It must be said that her mother is a white witch, and she had not told him anything, simply she wanted to help her in her own way. This thread was going to help Ming Shu solve the puzzles but without knowing it, she doesn’t want to be discovered!

The challenge begins and apart from riddles it will also be necessary to make a course where many obstacles try to prevent the arrival of the many valuers who wanted to try their luck. When Ming Shu sees so many people he thinks he’s not going to make it, but a small inner voice convinces him otherwise. All amazed but a little more sure of himself he starts the course.

Ming Shu had found three of the four objects he was to report to the king. He was proud of him. He does not understand how every time he goes to the correct place it is as if something attracts him… All that remains is the red lantern, a paying symbol for the mobile slot machine 3888 Ways of the Dragon™, but one of the participants decides to wait for him in the final course to steal all the objects and bring them back to the king for the purpose of marrying the princess.

But Ming Shu’s mother had prepared it, and the magic thread made him bypass all the pitfalls. He fetches the last object and bypasses all the booby that the king had put, and also the one who was waiting for him was caught in a giant spider’s web and devoured mercilessly. Finally our young Ming Shu arrives at the palace with all the objects healthy and safe. When JingMing sees it, she rejoices. She had known him during one of his walks outside the palace and she had fallen in love with the young peasant.

Features of the mobile slot machine 3888 Ways of the Dragon ™


The Dragon spins feature can trigger in the basic game at any time and randomly on any turn. The Golden Dragon, Majestic will launch on the interface, will do tricks and tricks and add 3 to 8 extra wilds on the reels to make us win prizes. The winning lines will be paid from left to right by combining adjacent symbols

The bonus symbol is represented by an illuminated casino token and the bonus word inside surrounded by two dragons a red and a blue. 3 or 4 bonus symbols will trigger 8 or 18 free spins. During Free spins a Dragon Spin can randomly activate on any turn. Dragons spins are more frequent during free spins.

Opinion of the game 3888 Ways of the Dragon™

The Isoftbet provider offers us this mobile slot machine from 4×6 reels plus another on the left side that has only 3 rows, and that can allow us with 3888 ways to win a good package! The denomination values range from £0.01 to £1 which allows us to bet from 0.30 to £30: it’s not bad but it’s not the best for the big players. On the other hand, this offers the possibility for beginners and players who have no great means to be able to enjoy the game.

The classic theme of China is very successful with all its good luck symbology, so special (numbers, symbols, animals…) but also with this music that plunges us directly into this original Asian atmosphere. Original is also the distribution of the reels, the first has only three symbols and the following four have six symbols.

To calculate the total win multiply all adjacent symbols by reels and this result is multiplied by the number of times the paid symbol appears. The special effects are pretty good the dragon that walks on the screen and that gives free spins, when you win big wins or mega win there are coins that start to gush out of the screen! You have to wait a lot of laps to enjoy a decent win because its volatility is rather low but the slot stay correct. It lack still a jackpot, more features but I think you have to give it a chance and try it!

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