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2 Million BC™

Developed so as to offer three-dimensional graphics, 2 Million BC™ is a video slot machine of the brand Betsoft Gaming. It has 5 bearings and it offers the possibility to play with a maximum of 30 lines.

2 Million BC™ is a casino game that combines both humor and adventure all orchestrated by 3 animals as well as a couple of caveman. The game will take place in its entirety in the middle of a rainforest that offers a panorama that is largely filled with bananas and bearings. These fruit trees for the vast majority are planted on small mountains so as to provoke a nice relief while leaving the rays of this magnificent sun add beautiful yellow and green reflections on the top layer of this thick forest.

The story of the 2 Million BC™ slot machine is based in the first place on Life Peace of a prehistoric man in search of the great love. To fill this emotional void, he had taken the habit of making it out of his makeshift habitat to go stretch his legs in a clearing not far from there. But this day was not like all the others he had known so far. Walking along a winding path made essentially of fine and yellow sand, he found on his passage a pebble which had something strange.

Despite his 50 IQ, this hairy man from head to toe and dressed in an unknown animal skin understood that this piece of rock allowed to see a mark or rather a kind of code. An enigma which he managed to decipher a few moments later. It must be admitted that it was not complicated to understand. The famous carved design left a woman on the left, a heart in the center and a diamond at right.

Certainly a sign of nature and by implication, he had to find a diamond to meet the woman of his life. He threw this pebble on the ground and he went on his way without really asking questions. And as the online game 2 Million BC™ knows so well merge reality with chance, he glimpsed a gemstone… But a disturbing element with sharp teeth and holding this diamond firmly between his paws was taking a nap after a meal hearty.

The caveman was suddenly taken by excesses of joy without really measuring the weight of the danger that was a few yards in front of him. He walked on tiptoe towards this tiger with sabre teeth for the sole purpose of stealing his treasure and finally being able to meet the woman of his dreams. The diamond of the 2 Million BC™ online game was the access key of his great love. Quickly, a mosquito entered the scene and his only goal was to prick this man who was doing just about everything to be the most discreet possible.

To defend himself against this unpredictable attack, the prehistoric man protected himself as he could waving his arms in all directions above his head. This sucker ends up letting go but the caveman ends up face to face with the tiger with teeth of sand. The latter did not take long to find that something was not far from him. As soon as he opened his eyes, this fierce predator began to attack that poor frightened man who had been seeking from the beginning of this adventure that of love and peace.

Chance for him, the world of the video slot 2 Million BC™ has a large population of lazy monkeys. This is where he was narrowly rescued by one of them by holding him suspended in the air so that the tiger could not reach him with his mighty paws. Filled with malice, the primate took advantage of his intervention to steal the diamond and give it in the stride to the caveman.

To you he carried out this action to allow this man to find love or simply so that the tiger chooses to leave him alone and that he has a radical preference to chase the man who runs with the diamond in the arm?

2 Million BC™ is a video slot machine with 5 reels and 30 pay lines, full of three-dimensional details. On this side, people who want to test it for free and with no download to the Casinos notification site will be served. But, this online money game goes even further with a good range of features that will have the primary purpose of serving tokens but also to allow all the protagonists of this game of money to enter into action.

2 Million BC™ offers by this opportunity a number of 4 features that focus on free spins, two special features and a game Bonus! To access this trio of features, the game with no download 2 Million BC™ leaves the opportunity to play from £0.02. For those who like to burn money, they will be able to fully access their desire by having the possibility to play up to £125.00 per spin.



We will proceed to enumerate the features of the online casino game 2 Million BC™ in starting with the session dedicated to free spins.

To start playing for free, configuring this Betsoft Gaming video slot will require you to collect a minimum of 3 symbols from a campfire. The landing location of these different illustrations will have no importance.

All areas of the slot will be able to take into consideration the activation of this feature through this icon. When the free spins that pass are randomly addressed to the level of their number, the interface of the video slot is going to be dominated by the dark which will have for gift to offer a perfect starry sky. Graphics that are really worth a look with this caveman who will take care to skewer a piece of meat at the end of a fine wooden rod in order to roast it.

During this period of time, free automatic games will be in full capacity to allow players to collect other free spins. To do so, it will then be required again to collect at least 3 items of fire. When the free spin count ends, the 2 Million BC™ game will resume its normal course with a blue sky dotted with white clouds. The prehistoric man is not going to find better than to gobble up in a single mouthful his piece of red meat to directly sting a slight slept a few seconds to wake up fresh as a roach.


Two special feature are integrated into the 2 Million BC™ game. The first one focuses on the prehistoric woman that our main character takes time to meet. When its representation (face) presents itself 3 times on the screen on one of the 30 lines of gain then the function will take all its meaning in activating.

The two lovebirds will find themselves in the center of the slot machine kissing tenderly with as a background a huge bright red heart. But the cave woman hides her game well. His only goal in the face of this staging will be to seize the diamond and then knock the man out and save himself as a thief in the forest.


The second special option will honor the mosquito that has only one only purpose. that of stealing oak glands to store them in the top left of the 2 Million BC™ video slot. Once this mosquito has reproduced this scenario 3 times, the game will suddenly take on a new pace. The main character will start climbing the reinforcements of the slot to place themselves while up.

This will be the only way for him not to fall under the clutches of this saber-toothed tiger. He will be active in the search for his diamond because the man has escaped him but he does not let go to persevere in his research which eventually led him to the front of the video slot of 2 Million BC™. The man will have no choice but to try to scare away or knock out this fearsome animal by forcibly throwing the acorns that the mosquito had collected so far. By neutralizing the tiger, the 2 Million BC™ game will offer tokens.


The last feature of 2 Million BC™ is a bonus game. The woman will still be in the shot and she’ll go make visit to the man to tell him that the tiger has recovered its diamond and that it is sad not to possess it. A three dimensional cinematography will then take life to see with details the meeting of the man and the tiger always in full sleep.

The latter will stand at the front of a podium where he will be asked to choose between 3 actions to try to recover once again this famous diamond. It will then be conceivable to appropriate it by playing the card of discretion, of the pure attack or of humor in order to distract the animal. Once this action is completed, a prize will be credited in cash and the game will be able to regain its normal status.



2 Million BC™ is in my opinion a 5 reel video slot that deserves to be tested by the most large number of players. This online casino game offers in the first place a cinematography that is full of details which has the advantage of immersing us totally in the game of 2 Million BC™. The story has a playful content with a large number of protagonists that opens up access to a complete and long enough game to discover.

The features speak for themselves in the face of this with options that respond to one or more extras at the same time. I particularly liked the staging of each of the characters who have all their own gestures. The features also feature a unique staging that has the advantage of surprise us every time a feature is active.

The 2 Million BC™ options for accumulating chips are quite large and they offer much more than satisfactory rates of pay. For example, free spins open an access to a nightly graphic chart with the possibility of crediting additional free laps. The bonus game that leaves us the choice between 3 actions to seize the famous gem (diamond).

To conclude this review, I felt really actor in the casino 2 Million BC™ game and this forms a very nice feel. Betsoft Gaming can be proud of this title that deserves a strong attendance on the part of players.

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