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100 Joker Staxx™

On January the 10th, 2019 the Playson provider introduced its new slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 100 payment lines. It’s a very traditional machine with its bar symbols, number 7, Joker, fruits. In short the typical slot machine of all life. It only misses the lever to pull down and feel the sensations of yesteryear! Here you only have to click on a button to see the images scroll or rather to see spin the reels!

Missy works in a bar, the Fruity Lounge, to pay for her vet studies. It’s a bar like no other. In fact inside it is forbidden to sell alcohol. So access is allowed to all, it is reputed to find the best fruit juices and smoothies of the whole region. Of course Missy had a secret: the fruits she uses to make them come directly from her aunt Laura’s fruit store with whom she has been living since her parents died. The difference with others will you tell me, simply it does not use any chemical! Everything is biological!

This year the Mayor decided to make a great contest, the best cocktail of the city will have as a reward a cash prize that would do good to Missy’s economy. Moreover, it is necessary to come disguised this is what also makes the originality of this competition. There are posters all over the place and all the professionals in the community talk about that! You have to do tests but of course do not reveal its formula because the prize is very juicy and it makes jealous!

Of course Aunt Laura wants her niece to win the contest and she brings home baskets and baskets of fruit so she can make combinations and be able to win that prize that she needed so much for Missy, to be able to continue her studies. But the idea of the young was different. She wanted to invite her aunt to take a cruise because she never went on vacation and Missy wants to thank her for taking care of her.

It brings back oranges, lemons, plums, cherries (the cheapest symbols in the casino game 100 Joker Staxx™), but also grapes, watermelons… In short, a little bit of everything! And when Missy leaves her place of work after studying a little, she keeps making mixes to find that special taste that will make her win the Grand Prix. They’re all good but she can’t find this unique blend.

On the other hand there is also disguise. There Missy is ready to drop but as always Aunt Laura is present. Why not run for the contest dressed as a buffoon? She went to the garden where she has a small shed and where she keeps everything that does not serve but also the disguises (Carnival is Laura’s favorite time). She comes back with a jester costume with her yellow and orange hat as can be seen in the instant video slot 100 Joker Staxx™. It’s not a bad idea think Missy, it’s even rather original!

There is only one day left for the contest and Missy still has not found the perfect formula, but all of a sudden she decides to mix all the fruits and add a few drops of vanilla extract. She asks her aunt to taste… Impressive! She had found the perfect mix and in addition she had her costume prepared! Like all the mixes she made she takes her to the bar (golden symbol of the Playson casino game), and makes him taste also to his customers and friends.

Everyone congratulates her and eagerly await the day of the contest. The big day has arrived and the city square is full, people have mobilized and have come many, but the participants too are numerous and the competition is going to be fierce! But Laura trusts her, and she’s trying to relax Missy. The time has come, it’s her turn! The judges taste this elixir, and yes! They gave him the first prize, the Golden Star (scatter of the slot machine HTLM5 100 Joker Staxx™) of the first fruit juice and smoothies contest.

The mayor gives him the star but also the prize in cash. Laura is very happy for her niece, she deserves it, she worked hard! A few days later, Missy goes to see her aunt at the fruit store to give her a surprise, she just bought two tickets all inclusive, for a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, her dream! Laura does not believe her eyes, she would finally realize her most cherished wish and thanks to her niece!

Features of the slot with no download 100 Joker Staxx™


The wild is represented by Missy’s head with his jester costume, he substitutes all the symbols except the scatter. If it is found 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels of the slot machine HTLM5 100 Joker Staxx™ we can win 0.20, 1 or £10 with a wager value of £0.20. The wild can turn into stacked to increase earnings.

The scatter is represented by a gold star in a red color frame and will be paid independently to the winning lines. That is to say that it will add to the other gains. If it is found 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels we will be entitled to 0.80, 4 or £40 for a bet of £0.20. All winning lines add up to a maximum. The other paid symbols will be number 7, the fruits, The bell and the word bar.

Opinion of the video flash slot 100 Joker Staxx™

On January the 10th of 2019 the Playson provider introduced us to its new slot machine of 5 reels, 4 rows and 100 lines of earnings. This is the fourth machine of its kind after Lucky Staxx™, Fruits & Jokers™ and 40 Joker Staxx™. No features, just a wild, a scatter, and simple symbols. You really have to be a fan to love, a really too simple gameplay for me!

The stakes range from £0.20 to £100, but as I said before too simplistic: no jackpot, no actual features. For beginners maybe it can attract them to start their adventure in the world of gambling online but I’m not sure. We get bored quickly, too soft, no twists! But if this is the fourth machine that Playson comes out in the same genre is that there are players who must love, it takes for every taste!

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