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The independent guide to english online casinos where sharing of opinions is important!

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AvisCasinos.com (AC) and its main missions :

A guide that opens up to the dialogue between users and the administration.
A blog that aims to present news of online casinos.
A free entertainment area with games in preview.
A section that presents the different types of bonuses of virtual casinos.
A site that references only casinos approved by the players.

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TOP 10 English casinos from january 2020
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€500 + 200 Free Spins
£300 + 200 free spins
£300 + 50 free spins on Strabust™
100% up to £200 + 100 Free Spins
€1000 no wager bonus on the first 3 deposits
€1500 no wager bonus on the first 3 deposits
100% up to £150 + 100 free spins
Welcome Package: up to £400
Bonus of £500 on the first 3 deposits
€400 on the first 3 deposits
TOP Casino Europe or
TOP Casino UK (Gambling Commission)
Event bonuses from English online casinos
A good reason to register on the Betfirst casino with for each new week of the calendar a wide range of bonuses to enter as happy hours, free video slot games, jackpots, competitions and many other opportunities!
777.be, a prestigious brand of virtual casino also addressing all fans of slot tournaments covering tons of surprises such as cash, special bonuses, free spins, gadgets,...
Regulated operator of excellence named Napoleon Games represented by a Casino / Sport platform with a pronounced sense for deposit benefits for both the online casino, the live casino and the sports betting area!
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My name is Antoine and like hundreds of thousands of players, I get noticed in my own way when it comes to getting into the magnifying sphere of real enthusiasts. I find it very exciting to bet real chips on online games that have this art to make us travel. Feel this dose of adrenaline growing sharply climb gently into my back. The dilated veins, the fading breath and this progressive excitement mingled with the suspense that the games of money can lead to the wand when we close the jackpot! I never won the jackpot but I hope that someday I will meet in person Lady luck for what can give me this endorsement that allows me to show off by making the headlines !

The online casinos have become like that would say my second home where I play up to several hours a day. I like to satisfy my cute sin of putting on a bunch of almost foolproof methods and tricks that take pleasure in being the nightmares of the casinotiers. Since the beginning of my career as a player until the time of writing these few lines of presentation, I've always had the chance to get a shot in advance. I do not think it is because I am lucky but rather through the application of relatively strict rules of conduct to the game. You have to learn to be master of your game and know how to stop when you need to.

Through an increased experience for online gambling any category, I have a nice day had this idea of wanting to share my passion with everybody. And for this to be effective nothing better than creating a website. A comprehensive information guide with the support of a blog online casino news that would leave no conversation subject to pass. Inform the english speaking public about new developments in relation to the eGaming, in order to warn them of the good plans but also to caution them against a handful of unscrupulous operators.

I think it is the definition of a digital casino comparative that wants to be independent. Do not hesitate for a moment on the fact that bad addresses exist and that we should not hesitate to denounce them. This is unfortunate, but many guides prefer to ignore this kind of bad practices exercised on players. Simply because their one and only motivation for this group of webmasters is to find the best profitability as possible for their site at the expenses of the well-being of the community of players that they can gather on their forum.

It was therefore in January 2015 that this comparative in the name of AvisCasinos.com was born ! After mature reflections, the site has gradually built its pillars that are represented by sturdy sections. For example, and to ensure versatility in order to meet the demand of all casino players on the internet, the latter can orient themselves on various categories of games. For example, entertaining for free, with no-download and in an unlimited time to hundreds of online gambling games. Every week new games are added and most of the time available in preview !

In alliance with free games made available via PC and mobile versions, the AC site gives way to the list of different casino softwares that ensure this role to propel the games. So there are some more popular than others with for each of them a unique know-how in terms of design which forms in excellence all the wealth of the games of chance that we know today.

The comparison of AC did not steal its name, because in the construction of the site, I always had the primary motivation to establish a dialogue with the players. To offer them this freedom of expression is very important for me because it is their critics and their personal opinions that make it possible to improve our vision towards the games houses that offer their service on the internet.

I would like to say in this sense that opinions allow with agility to steer a natural way a network of players towards approved gaming platforms in terms of fairness. Those that offer real entertainment and interest to the consumer. Not just an umpteenth casino that offers without any intellectual research similar benefits compared to its rivals. No, AC's goal is to give importance to new brands that are innovative in many areas.

Creating an active community on the subject of eGaming is a good thing to me. An active player gathering quickly creates a source of heat and causes in the wake a dynamism at the site of AC. Which is for me primary to all casino news sites that wants to be the services of the players. The refrigerated information sites which do not allow the sharing of viewpoints is for my part unfortunate.

This kind of behavior often conceals little disreputable arguments. The influence caused by the multiple comments of the players inevitably allow to select the best online casinos of the English speaking market. As many will see with the participation of the TOP casinos of the site of AC, on the side of the casinotiers, I do not sympathize with everyone. I really want to be certain at 100% of the reliability of a casino before giving it interest by registering it in the guide.

Other than the different rankings of online casinos that we can consult in the main sections of the AC guide, I also gave light to a broad section that answers the question of bonuses. All forms of bonuses are present. Their operating principle is thoroughly detailed in order to meet both a mixed audience composed of novice, intermediate and confirmed players.

Absolutely no one is put on the sidelines of the tutorials and topical topics consulted for free since the comparison. All questions about casino bonuses are available through this section while warning of the use of this type of option that you want to acquire when you are willing to deposit money. The means of payment do not escape the site with an umpteenth category. As with the dozens of casino promotions, payment methods are placed in an organized section that provides access to free information.

Now the motivations that have allowed this guide to emerge online no longer have any secrets for anyone. This role he plays every day but what you need to know in purpose is that AC is at the service of the players. He even created a helper module that explains how to be supported in the event of a dispute with an online casino. Comments are open on all web pages that participate in the maintenance of the increasingly important volume of the site.

This already marks a communication entry that is shared with other subscribers in order to create a community of solidarity. With this ultimate goal of naturally creating a climate of mutual aid by exchanging for example the good pipes. I also participate in these comment modules and I go so far as to intervene by email on behalf of players who would encounter difficulties with an operator.